Creative Mother’s Day Centerpiece Ideas

Whether you are planning a big Mother’s Day bash with lots of guests or just an informal dinner with immediate family, putting up perfect decorations adds up to the atmosphere.

A beautiful centerpiece looks warm, festive and inviting to both mother and guests present for the party. While blooms remain the traditional centerpiece for most gatherings, other items can look equally appealing as Mother’s Day centerpiece.

Creative Mother’s Day Centerpiece Ideas

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Edible centerpiece

While edible centerpieces are always a hit, they are just perfect for mothers who love to cook. A centerpiece made of fresh vegetables adds color and interest to the table. Fill several clear glass bowls in different sizes with green peas, fresh tomatoes, and peppers. Alternatively, fruits and vegetables arranged on toothpick or lollipop sticks can provide an interesting arrangement for mother’s day table. Similarly, cupcakes also look appealing when attached to Styrofoam and arranged in metal flowerpots.

Picture centerpiece

Give your mom a walk down the memory lane by putting together a picture display containing photos of her wedding day, children and grandchildren. Use mini to midsized picture frames and position them in a circle around flower containers. This will allow everyone to view pictures from around the table. If required, place additional picture frames around the table for some added effect.

Floral centerpiece

Creative Mother’s Day Centerpiece Ideas

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You can never go wrong with putting up a beautiful floral centerpiece. Choose your mothers favorite flowers or a combination of flowers and foliage. If possible, consider arranging blooms from your garden in a decorative, fancy watering can. Let some dropping blooms like lilac spill from the spout.

Alternatively, plant some seasonal flowers such as violets or pansies in beautiful terra cotta pots, and place them in the center of the table. Accompany the centerpiece with a pair of colorful work gloves and a new garden hand trowel. We bet, your mother will love using the tools throughout the season.

While these are some ideas that will help you create a perfect Mother’s Day centerpiece, make sure to incorporate things that your mom loves. A little extra effort on your part will certainly make her day special and memorable. What other Creative Mother’s Day Centerpiece Ideas do you have?

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