Creative Centerpiece Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

If you are trying to come up with ideas for decorating your wedding ceremony and you are stuck for finding something creative for the center of the table, consider something unique. Most receptions feature bouquets of flowers in the center of the dining tables with the occasional floating candles or combination of all three.

Creative Centerpiece Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

If you want yours to stand out, stay away from the common options and go for something that provides great impact. Make your centerpieces personal or choose something that fits the style of the wedding. There is no need to put something boring in the center of the table. If you are having an outdoor wedding, consider using bird houses or water fountains. Even if your wedding is indoors, you can bring the feeling of a garden into the room and create a party atmosphere with these items.

Another option for great centerpieces is to attract attention with something alive. Place a bowl with a playful goldfish or colorful beta fish in the center of the table offers bold impact and a bit of fun. Speak with the reception venue about handling mishaps like spills or fish that may pass before their time but more often than not, using fish for centerpiece is a great way to liven up a table. You can even place fish on the gift table or by the guest book, as long as the fish are far away from any tiny hands that might get curious.

Depending on when you are having your wedding, you can use seasonal decor to create a festive centerpiece. During the fall months, choose colors in orange, yellow and red with leaves, trees and other autumn flair. Winter weddings look great with sparkling icicles and shades of crystal blue and white. If you are a spring or summer bride, choose brightly colored flowers or candles, or go with a red,white and blue theme if your wedding is in July.

If you want to personalize your centerpieces, use family photos or pictures of you and the groom for the table centerpieces. Imagine how exciting it would be for a guest to see their picture with you from a previous event incorporated into the reception. Guests also love learning about the history of the happy couple, so consider placing photos from traveling and other events on the tables. Frame the photos in ways that compliment your other decor or choose a consistent type or color frame to use on all of the tables to the look is consistent and dramatic.

Finally, think of ways to incorporate lighting into your centerpieces. Decorative lights used to required electricity, but these days many of them are battery-powered. You can create a certain ambiance by placing a small lamp on the center or the table or by stringing lights around a floral display. You could also combine lighting with any of the other ideas to really highlight your handiwork. Lights create a certain mood, so if each table is lit individually, your reception will feel intimate and romantic.

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