Creative Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

A creative baby shower centerpiece will serve to add an air of festivity to your event, pull your theme together, and delight your guests! Centerpieces range from beautiful flower arrangements to hilarious baby themed creations.

If you’re hosting a home baby shower, you will likely only need one or two large centerpieces, which can be placed in the middle of the table you are serving food on, and on a table that will be used to hold gifts. If your baby shower is going to be a more elaborate affair, such as a sit-down luncheon, you’ll need a centerpiece for each table.

Floral Centerpieces

When people think “centerpiece” they often envision flowers. It only makes sense – flowers are beautiful, can be quite inexpensive, and add an air of festivity to any room! If you choose to use flowers to brighten your space, consider a potted arrangement, which the mom-to-be can take home and enjoy. Know it’s a boy? Ask your florist to create a blue-themed arrangement, full of hydrangeas, irises, delphinium or hyacinth. Expecting a baby girl? Go pink with tulips, roses, or lilies.


Nothing says “party” like a helium balloon arrangement! Have a stunning balloon bouquet created which can serve as a cheerful centerpiece at your baby shower. Balloons should be ordered in advance and picked up the morning of the event.


At many showers, a stunning cake does double duty as a delicious treat and a stunning baby shower centerpiece! Order your cake in advance, or bake it yourself. Place the cake on a beautiful tray in the center of the table, surrounded by flowers or candles.

Fruit & Candy

Head to the grocery store for colorful, vibrant items that can make gorgeous, inexpensive, and creative centerpieces! Brightly colored fruit can be piled into a basket, or a vase. A citrus theme is fun – choose oranges, limes, and lemons, then simply present them in tall glass vases. Get creative with your knife – carve a baby carriage out of a watermelon or create an adorable monkey theme with chocolate cake and bananas. Candy can be turned into topiary, a wreath, or divided by color and presented in crystal bowls. Not a do-it-yourselfer? Check your yellow pages for a company that creates stunning ornamental fruit arrangements.

Baby Basket

A simple basket lined with a soft blanket can be a lovely centerpiece. Have each guest bring something to place in the basket, then present it to mommy as a take home gift! Choose a theme, such as “funky baby one pieces,” “beautiful bibs,” or “baby booties.”

A unique baby shower centerpiece doesn’t need to cost a fortune! Start planning early and come up with an idea that will delight your pregnant pal. Create a masterpiece that is unique to your theme – and have fun watching it all come together.

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