Creating Beautiful and Memorable Wedding Centerpieces

One of the most important wedding decorations at your wedding is arguably the centerpieces, making sure that your wedding centerpieces are creative and original can make a world of difference in the overall design of your venue. This is not to say that all the other aspects of your wedding are not important but the centerpieces should be given a lot of serious thought.

Most couples decide to go with traditional floral centerpieces for their weddings, but even floral arrangements can be original and even more beautiful than the traditional concepts. If floral arrangements are the way you would prefer to go then consider trying a floating floral wedding centerpieces which certainly add romance to the scene and enhance the overall look of the area.

As everyone knows the bride and groom should be the center of attention at any wedding, of course having a beautiful wedding centerpiece will add a touch of romance and glamour to the entire wedding theme and give you a more elegant wedding feeling.

Though the key is to make your wedding decorations more original than the traditional idea of what a wedding should look like floral wedding centerpieces will never go out of fashion. However just because you are going with floral centerpieces does not mean you have to stay traditional with the design.

One of the best ideas for an original floral design is to place flower petals into glass bowls filled with water and will prove to be an inexpensive idea. When designing these floating petal centerpieces you can chose to go with a beautifully shaped glass bowl possibly in the shape of a heart or hourglass and if glass bowls don’t really work for you try a ceramic pot that has an eye catching design on the outside.

If your wedding decoration design includes larger tables you can actually combine floral designs with candle centerpieces. Try using the candles to bring out the vibrant colours of your floral arrangements and use contrasting textures and colours as well. As stated before you should try to use unique containers to hold your flowers and candles, possibly add pebbles and decorative rocks as the filler for your containers. If it suits the theme of your wedding another great idea as a wedding centerpiece is to use bonsai trees, these beautiful little trees can add a touch of serenity to your wedding.

Of course if you really want to be original with the centerpieces of your wedding and flowers and candles are not down your alley there are other things you can look into. Perhaps you can have small fish bowls with live fish in them, there are a variety of colourful and beautiful fish that would accent any wedding centerpiece. You could even add colourful fish food to accent the tops of the fish bowls. To add a personal touch to your wedding centerpieces you could use a picture box which is basically a 5 sided picture frame that could hold pictures of the bride and groom.

There are many different ideas as to how to design your wedding centerpieces but in the end you have to make a choice that suits your overall wedding decorations and will be something that you and your guests can always hold in your memories. A wedding is a very special occasion and you should make sure that no matter what design you go with it will be something that makes you happy so that you can always hold the special day in your heart.

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