Create the Centerpiece For Your Little Girl’s Bedroom

If you are looking to design a room for your little girl that has all the comfort and luxury that will make her want to stay in it all the time, then the place to start is the sleeping area. Once of the most traditional pieces of sleep furniture that is used to distinguish a girl’s room is the one that has a cover. Choose one that has a pretty design with all the details to make it the center focus of the room.

Create the Centerpiece For Your Little Girl's Bedroom

Rather than using childlike patterns, add a little more charm to the room by accenting with more “grown-up” patterns, such as floral designs that look feminine without being too cute. Use bed linens that are a combination of prints and solids in colors other than pink that may look too youthful. Covers may be made of organza that is gathered and tied around the posts in many of the styles you see. Consider one that covers the top of the display and has a ruffled around the edges, leaving the posts open.

Adding rugs to the floor will also give a more feminine atmosphere to the room. Braided or tapestry rugs in any combination will make for a cozier room and a good, warm place for her to put her feet down when she wakes up every morning.

This furniture may be made of wood or of wrought iron. Regardless, you can combine with unfinished wood accessories where you can put her dolls and collectibles as accents. This brings even more focus to the area where you want it to be.

By having the cover short, you will have more access to the wall behind the headboard. Take advantage of this space to place appropriate prints above and beyond the sides of the headboard. These can be prints of flowers, framed pictures of family and friends, or anything that will coordinate with your linens. Keep in mind that you don’t want to create too much of a childish atmosphere but one of a young lady’s room. Collectible dolls and animals are great tools to decorate with in these circumstances.

It is a good idea to keep her sleeping area for that purpose only. Provide her with a bookcase for her favorite books and a rocker where she can enjoy sitting quietly by herself and reading. If she does her homework in her room, then get a coordinating desk rather than having her flop across the mattress.

Even for the “mature” little girl, a covered sleep space is a place where she can feel safe, secure, and cozy while she sleeps. It is a good idea to get in the habit early on of using this area only for the purpose it was designed for. By creating it to be the center attraction of a comfortable room, it will make her feel as special as you know she is.

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