Coordinated Bridal Bouquets and Wedding Centerpieces

Flowers are one of the most beautiful parts of a wedding (other than the bride, of course!). Make the most of your floral decor by creating a cohesive design for all of the different arrangements. Here are some tips on how to design stunning coordinated bridal bouquets and wedding centerpieces.

Coordinated Bridal Bouquets and Wedding Centerpieces

The general style of the bridal bouquet and centerpieces should definitely aim to achieve a certain flow. It would not look quite right to have a bouquet of orchids, for instance, with gerbera daisy centerpieces. All of the flowers in your wedding should have the same spirit, whether it is formal, casual, earthy, romantic, eclectic, or something else. It is kind of like how you take the care to ensure that your entire bridal ensemble is harmonious, right down to the custom bridal jewelry which brings out the details in your gown. When everything works together, the total effect is more beautiful.

One nice way to ensure continuity between the bouquets and centerpieces is to select either a central color or flower type around which to design. There may be some flowers that work very well for bouquets but are too small for table arrangements, in which case you can use a signature color to achieve coordination. For example, the pale lilac shade of delicate lily-of-the-valley would be a lovely bouquet for a May bride, truly romantic with a vintage flavor. To build centerpieces of any size, however, larger flowers will be much easier to work with, not to mention cost effective. Ruffly old-fashioned sweetpeas in a similar shade of lilac mixed with some other purple and white sweetpeas would have the same feeling as the romantic bouquets.

In many cases, a primary flower from the bridal bouquet can be carried into the centerpieces. If you have a single variety of flower in your bouquet, you can use it in combination with complementary blossoms for the table arrangements. The reverse works as well: select your favorite flower type from a mixed bouquet and design single variety centerpieces around it. Not only will this help to you achieve a unified feeling with all of your wedding floral, but it can save on cost. An all rose bouquet, for example, would be very nice with centerpieces created from a blend of roses and less pricey lisyanthus. You give up nothing as far as style, but it can be an easy way to trim the wedding budget.

For a very chic and modern combination, think about using non-floral elements. One hot trend is to add showy flowers to the wedding bouquets, either all white or multi-colored peacock feathers. This looks fantastic with unique wedding details, such as an eclectic bridal gown and handmade custom bridal jewelry. Mix the feathers in with flowers for the bouquets to add a touch of drama. Then for the reception, go all out with show-stopping centerpieces created entirely from feathers. Your guests will never forget how incredible your centerpieces were.

The final way to coordinate the bouquets and centerpieces is to simply make the bouquets into smaller versions of the reception flowers. This works well when the blossoms are a medium size which is neither too large for a handheld bouquet nor too small to make an impact in the large reception space. The time spent designing coordinated bridal bouquets and wedding centerpieces will yield fabulous results.

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