Communion Centerpieces

Communion centerpieces can help set the mood of your celebration. When decorating for the party, keep in mind the theme of the day and whether you are going for an elegant set-up or more of a celebratory event. For a fancier effect you may consider the following decorations.

Communion Centerpieces

· Small personalized candles around a larger candle. This creates a beautiful effect in a dimly lit room. Also, you can have your guests take home the smaller candle holders as favors from the party, and the larger candle can be used to add a splash of color to each table.

· Statuettes surrounded by small candles, flowers, or rose petals. These decorations may be porcelain or silver and should be religious themed, whether they are shaped as angels or children praying. If you’d like to offer them as favors, you may want to give them away to one person at each table.

If you are having a more laid back, child-oriented party, you may want to decorate the tables with the following items.

· Personalized candy jars filled with your choice of candy. This can be as colorful and fun as you would like. You can then surround each jar with flowers or tie balloons to the jar. You may want to offer personalized goody bags so that guests can take home candy for later.

· Individual lollipops, whether chocolate or fruit flavored, can be created in a variety of colors with intricate designs to commemorate your event. You can place a large lollipop in a vase in the center of the table for a fun, kid friendly centerpiece.

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