Coffee Tables – The Centerpiece

A coffee table is meant to be a dominant piece. Even if it’s small, it is by the nature of its positioning a prominent element in the room. It acts as the field across which all social interaction occurs. It’s the placeholder, the center, acting almost like a spine, which allows the rest of the environment to resolve around it.

Choosing the right coffee table for your space can be a bit of a challenge. You have to try and match style to style, seeking out a piece that flows naturally with the other elements in the room.

Coffee Tables - The Centerpiece

If your feeling bold, you can choose a table that stands out, with a unique pattern printed into its features, or strong colors marking its hued complexion. This allows the piece to be a trend setter for the entire room. In this case, decorating would be finding accessories that match the colors in the table, and using them to fill out the environment.

A more simplistic, basic design, allows you more creative freedom in the colors and furnishings you use in the rest of the space. Rather than imposing itself on the space, it is instead a steady hand, guiding the decorative flow of the room. The inherent prominence of the coffee table ensures that it will play a vital role in the nature of the environment.

You of course have to be careful with sizing and position when placing a table in any space. They are generally rather large pieces, and if you get one which is too wide for the room, you could end up making the space feel choked and cramped. Instead you should strive to find a piece which fills the room, but also allows ample space to move in, out, and around the table.

A coffee table can be a beautiful and prominent piece of your home’s decor. However you have to be careful when selecting one, because that prominence means that the entire room will have to flow with its style. You can choose between a bold piece that forces the rest of the environment to fall in line, or a more subdued style, that gives you more flexibility with the rest of the area.

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