Christmas Wedding Centerpiece Ideas to Use

The focal point of your wedding reception decorations is your table centerpieces and maybe even more so as you plan your Christmas wedding reception.

Any wedding centerpiece adds interest to your table, but when it is a Christmas themed wedding centerpiece reminding the guests of the season and your special day it will bring a smile to their faces.

Christmas wedding centerpieces lend themselves to couples who want to keep them inexpensive, dazzling and DIY. The ideas below are some of the ways to DIY and I bet you will come up with other great Christmas centerpiece ideas. Let’s get started with some of my favorite Christmas wedding centerpieces and they are easy and fun to do, especially if you ask your family and bridesmaids or other friends to help. Make it a party.

First, remember to make the centerpieces fit in with your Christmas wedding theme and colors.

A good foundation for your Christmas wedding centerpieces is to use fake snow, tinsel, glitter or Christmas confetti and sprinkle it on your tables.

The centerpiece will be the star, but the little additions you make will help to make it look really special. Wreaths are a lovely symbol of the season and make gorgeous centerpieces. Add your own special touches with holly, mistletoe, ivy or other Christmas items that fit your theme. I love the idea of using small evergreen trees either real or otherwise. Hang small ornaments on them and I like to hang small wrapped candy canes of various flavor and invite guests to have one and enjoy.

A wedding bell laid on its side and on a reflective round mirror with a white or holiday colored calla lily is nothing but elegant on your table

Instead of using a plain vase for your flowers try santa’s sleigh for the container. Insert cut plant foam tightly in the sleigh arrange a bunch of flowers and greenery of your choice in it. Then weave a theme colored ribbon around the sleigh with a lovely big bow to finish it off.

Christmas ornaments come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Place them in a glass or crystal bowl and at the end of the evening invite each guest to choose one as a wedding favor. Cost wise you get 2 things for the price of one.

A unique centerpiece is for you to create a small Christmas village for each table and arrange them on a fake snow surface. Pinecones arranged with other Christmas items when placed in decorative baskets or clear bowls certainly add the holiday spirit especially if you can use scented cones.

To make the pinecones a bit more elegant put glue on the edges or tips and dip in gold or silver glitter. You will not go wrong if you paint the tips with your theme or holiday colors, too.

If you are planning wedding favors to hand out in favor boxes then wrap them as Christmas gifts and arrange them as the Christmas wedding centerpiece at each table.

Surprise your guests at the end of the evening by having them each take one from the centerpiece.

Candles are always a way of setting moods and giving a warm glow to the room. Place a tall pillar candle in the center of a wreath for a simple Christmas wedding centerpiece.

Votive candles arranged in a circle with Christmas items arranged in the middle of the circle gives a magical look to the room.

For a tasty holiday treat arrange bowls of Christmas candies, nuts of all kinds and plates of cookies as a centerpiece and invite the guests to enjoy.

Well these are my favorite inexpensive Christmas wedding centerpieces and I think you can find something you would like or hopefully it has started your creative juices going and you have come up with your personal ideas.

For more about weddings and Wedding Centerpieces check out Tiffany’s blog. Tiffany Cole has a huge passion for weddings and in particular likes to come up with creative ideas to create dream weddings without breaking the bank. If you’d like to see more of Tiffany’s ideas, tips and tricks then you can go to her blog at

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