Christmas Centerpieces – Make it Edible!

Every holiday table and every holiday party has a centerpiece. And many different types and styles abound! But have you ever thought of having an edible Christmas centerpiece? It can be just as beautiful as a traditional centerpiece but with added benefits: it can also serve as your dessert and/or party favor and it surely won’t be discarded!

A cake can easily be made into an enticing centerpiece simply by placing it on an elevated cake stand. If the cake is decorated in a holiday theme all the better. But even a simply frosted cake can be turned into an elegant centerpiece with the simple addition of a sumptuous holiday ribbon tied around its stem. Crafts stores like Michaels abound with these ribbons and bows this time of year. These make wonderful Christmas table centerpieces!

Or take a glass vase and fill it with green and red candies such as M & Ms and Jelly Beans. Or fill them with mini sized candy bars that come wrapped in special holiday wrappers. Tie a big ribbon and bow around the vase and it will be a captivating site for all to be hold. Keep candy favor bags nearby for guests to take home the candy!

Lollipops make wonderful centerpieces and there are many online sources available for the individual lollipops and already created lollipop centerpieces. Or visit your local candy store – they are sure to have several varieties on hand. These are also perfect Christmas party centerpieces since the lollipops can serve as the party favors too!

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