Christmas Centerpieces – Decorative Pieces That You Can Make Yourself

Christmas is one of the most eagerly awaiting occasions for one and all. This is the time when the creative juices of the people begin working overtime to ensure their homes are the best decorated during the celebrations.

People are willing to spend a lot of money on purchasing Christmas centerpieces that play a very crucial role. What they fail to realize is that with a little bit of creativity and time on hand, you can create your own Christmas centerpieces that are sure to garner attention. Flowers and candles can be used to create some of the most fascinating centerpieces that can adorn the dining table.

Let us take a look at two beautiful Christmas centerpieces that you can make at home with minimal investment.

Idea #1: Poinsettia centerpiece

This is one of the many Christmas centerpieces that can be created in a very short span of time. There are four materials that you will need to have handy. You will need poinsettias that are low growing if you want fresh plants for your centerpiece or you can opt for artificial plants. You will also need a cache pot or a decorative bowl. The third requirement is Styrofoam or floral foam. And the final thing you will need handy is a little greenery, fresh or artificial.

The next step is getting them all together to form one of the beautiful Christmas centerpieces to adorn your table. Place the Styrofoam or floral foam in the cache pot. Place the cache pot in the decorative bowl such that the pot is not visible outside. Now place the artificial plants or poinsettias into the pot firmly so it does not fall off. Finally, at the base of the decorative bowl, make a trail of greenery. Now, your centerpiece is ready to be placed on the table.

Idea #2: Candlestick centerpiece

Christmas is the best time to bring your best candleholders from the cupboard. Polish the holders well till they begin to gleam. Purchase candles, either scented or non-scented ones, on various lively hues. Try finding the dripless candles so the wax does not fall and spoil the decoration. Also, get some craft wires or thin satin ribbons or French ribbons. First of all, wrap the craft wire around the candle holders. Then, use the ribbons and tie bows around them. Now, place the colorful candles securely in the holders and arrange them on either the coffee table or holiday table.

These are just two of the innumerable Christmas centerpieces that can be made at home. You can also use willow tree ornaments to come up with some centerpieces that can compliment your Christmas tree. Unleash your imagination and use simple things to come up with beautiful artifacts to adorn your house.

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