Choosing the Right Wedding Candle Centerpiece

Choosing the Right Wedding Candle Centerpiece

Introduction To Candle Centerpieces

Sometimes simple is best. Whether you’re looking to create a romantic feel to your evening, or celebrating Christmas, Candles will make the perfect centerpiece for all occasions. There are an incredible variety of ways to design your own candle centerpiece, from the traditional candelabra exhibiting tall, elegant dinner candles, to a large decorative ceramic bowl containing floating candles. So whatever the occasion, whether it is a formal wedding, a sophisticated dinner party, or a Christmas bash, here are a few suggestions to create the perfect display for that all-important event.


There are many ways to spruce up at top table at a wedding. But with careful planning, and taking into account the type of wedding, a centerpiece can reflect the occasion perfectly. For example, certain factors need to be examined before going ahead and designing your perfect centrepiece. It is all a matter of choosing the particular candles and vessels that suit the feeling of your wedding.

It is a traditional wedding?

Is it an informal wedding?

Where is it taking place? (ie. A beach, a hotel etc)

What time of year?

For example, if you are organizing, or attending a winter wedding, then your candle centerpiece will probably be garnished with Holly and red roses around a large hurricane Lantern with evergreen bows. This effect adds a warm and cosy glow to your wedding reception. This centerpiece can also be repeated if the reception moves outside, as the Hurricane Lantern will protect the flame from the wind.

How about a summer wedding? You may wish to design a centrepiece that houses a collection of decorative floating candles. These floating candles now come in lots of popular shapes such as hearts and butterflies. You can also decorate the bowl with slices of citrus fruit.

If a wedding is taking place, let’s say, on the coast. Then your candle centrepiece may contain a large ivory pillar candle, decorated with seashells, pearls, starfish, colored coral, all sat on the bed of beautiful sand.

A traditional wedding gives you so many opportunities to make a range of different centrepiece designs. For example, look at the table design before choosing your centrepiece. Usually, a top table is rectangle and therefore you may wish to emulate this shape by giving your centrepiece a chunky feel by introducing large square candles.

There are countless other ways to use candles as your centerpieces. From masses of low votives to ornate candelabras, there is a design that will suit any style of wedding. The flickering candlelight will add romance and ambiance to your wedding reception.

Whatever you decide, just remember, have a great day.

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