Choosing The Centerpiece in Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding on the tiniest of budgets is becoming more and more of a common occurrence in today’s harsh economy. A lot of couples are left with very little to work with as unlike before, they are not receiving help from family and friends to pay for the wedding festivities.

A lot of the couples have been forced to come up with their own flower bouquets, bake their own cakes and even print out their own wedding invitations.

Choosing The Centerpiece in Your Wedding Day

The centerpieces and the table linens have become the main place to emphasize on their wedding theme and decorations.

If you are also working on a tight budget then now you know where most of your decorating resources should go; the table linen and centerpieces.

One of the most popular choices of table linen today is the striking white or ivory colors. There is a common belief that when these colors are used that the centerpiece will stand out more attractively than with any other option. This however is not true. You need to try and use a contrasting color.

For presenting your tables, try and use a bit of color that is included in the centerpieces. For example make your choice of napkins and napkin rings after you have already decided on the centerpiece so that they can complement one another.

One of the largest roles on the table is played by the wedding china. As a result, it should also be chosen with uttermost care. Unique shapes and colors is what you should be looking out for when you are going out shopping for them. You have to try and make them contrast with the color of your linens.

Go all out on the centerpiece as they will remain your main form of decoration on a tight budget wedding.

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