Choosing the Best Wedding Centerpieces

One of the most important – and fun – parts of planning a bridal reception is deciding on the wedding centerpieces. Should you go elegant or informal? Bold or understated? Put some time into this, as it might well be one of the first decisions you and your future groom make together about your wedding day.

A centerpiece is the focal point of any table and can set the stage for decorating the rest of the room. You can hire professionals for this if you have a sufficient budget, or you can do the job yourself to save a few dollars. Whichever direction you turn, there will be plenty of decisions to make.

You will first need to plan what you want. When brainstorming wedding centerpiece ideas, some brides consider a theme, possibly something that has special meaning to them and their guy, such as where or when they met. The particular time of year of the wedding can inspire seasonal themes, such as lush flowers for spring or an icy wonderland for winter. Themes can be general, such as tropical or western, or focused on specific colors (perhaps the bride’s favorite) such as pink or mint green.

Once the theme for the reception is set, you will want to think about the mood of the centerpiece, which is created by table lighting. Your theme choice will dictate whether you will use candles, tiny white electrical bulbs, luminaries, or tea lights. Other tabletop accessories for the wedding reception centerpiece can include placeholders, waterfalls, vases, and votives.

Cool party favors make the reception fun for the guests and can include very inexpensive plastic figurines, homemade crafts, or delicate gourmet cakes. If you decide to do the favors yourself, enlist friends or relatives to help. You want to trust your own instincts, but you do not want to be up by yourself until the middle of the night, putting together table favors. The Internet is flush with instructions how to incorporate favors, such as flowers, candles, fruits, vegetables, miniatures, dolls, and photos into wedding table centerpieces.

In different societies, the reception has its own requirements and traditions separate and apart from the actual wedding ceremony. Other cultures use a lot of natural material when decorating and centerpieces for weddings are no exception. Go online to research them and to order appropriate supplies.

For example, brightly colored pots and cacti are popular decorations for Mexican wedding reception centerpieces. African American centerpieces may include baskets of calla lilies or irises and reception favors are often part of the overall effect. Cherry blossoms on branches or floating in bowls of water make simple, yet classic Asian style centerpieces.

Once the big day arrives and your wedding table centerpiece is amazing all the guests, there are only two things left for you to do. Hand out disposable cameras and let your guests capture some of the day’s candid moments. Then just relax and enjoy making memories of the day you and your fiancée tied the knot.

There is nothing more elegant than the centerpieces when it comes to wedding decorations. Patri Truman writes in her informational website about how to choose the best wedding centerpieces for your wedding decor and will give you tips and ideas on great fall wedding centerpieces if you are planning on getting married next autumn!

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