Centerpieces For Events – How Charities Can Benefit After the Celebration is Over

Are you hosting a live and memorable event for your close friend or a family member? Wondering what you can use as centerpieces for the tables?

The eco-friendly trend today is not to use disposable items such as flowers or fruit. Rather, many creative event planners are choosing to decorate their customers’ festive tables with gift baskets as the centerpieces.

Centerpieces For Events - How Charities Can Benefit After the Celebration is Over

Inside the baskets are themed items that always include a memorable item, food treats, and sometimes games and puzzles to delight specific age groups.However, at the end of the event, who gets to take the centerpieces home, is always the question.

To clarify your intentions, especially if you’re going to donate the baskets to a charity, you could place a note card alongside the centerpiece that states that it will be donated to a specific charity at the end of the evening.You might even want to encourage several of your guests to hand deliver the centerpieces to a favorite charity, and then the spirit of the event would get carried forward with your thoughtfulness and generosity.

If your gift baskets contain various selections of food, you might want to consider donating them to one or more local food banks. Those organizations would be delighted to receive such an offering, especially if the items have a long shelf life like canned goods, paper goods, and boxed snacks, treats, and cereals.

Likewise, if the event is a baby shower, you could donate disposable diapers, formula, baby clothes and blankets to charitable organizations geared especially for unwed moms and women’s shelters.

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