Centerpieces and Decor For Special Events, Bar Mitzvahs, Corporate Meetings, Weddings

Special event centerpieces need not consist of expensive flowers that will die within a day. For little money you can create fabulous centerpieces that can be the ‘centerpiece’ of any event.

Centerpieces and Decor For Special Events, Bar Mitzvahs, Corporate Meetings, Weddings

For a recent engagement reception, we filled plastic sand pails with inexpensive flip flops, stuffed sea creatures (fish, octapus, seal), beach toys and lots of glitzy sea decorations.

Around each centerpieces we added multicolored thin streamers, seashells, and glitzy underwater ‘greenery.’ The sand pails were created to not only decorate the tables at a beautiful beach hotel in Coronado, CA, but to allow the grandchildren of the host and hostess and the other young guests to partake of the goodies inside the centerpieces.

Rather than flowers that would have been given out to guests, these centerpieces were intended to be taken apart at the end of the event and the contents taken my children. Out of the 170 attendees, there were about 20 children, who as the party was ending, began dancing in their fancy clothes wearing their new flip flops, wearing sunglasses. playing with their whirl wind toys, and playing with the toys from each centerpiece. It was an adorable ending to a spectacular event.

In keeping with the theme of the party, we designed beach baskets for the buffet tables and filled them with with flip flops, sunglasses (large and small), beach ‘noodles’ and beach toys. They added even more glitz to the theme.

My client contacted me and said not only were the centerpieces fabulous, but the guests could not stop talking about how well they themed the event.

Pam Monroe, is President of Gift Productions, Inc., and A Gifted Basket and Cesta Gift Baskets. She’s a multi award winning gift basket designer, and has been creating and designing corporate gifts and gift baskets since 1989 in San Diego, California and throughout the U.S.

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