Centerpiece Ideas to Make Your Wedding Special

Is your wedding coming soon? Are you factoring in the varying costs involved with the event? Planning a wedding can be intimidating, but here are some special centerpiece ideas to slash your costs down to fit your wedding budget.

Centerpiece Ideas to Make Your Wedding Special

The best way to cut the cost is to make them yourself. You could pay someone to make any of these but you will save a lot of money just doing them yourself. If you think you don’t have time, then call family and friends to help. A great way to do it is buy the stuff and then have a girls day on Saturday where you feed them, or potluck it and everyone helps put the centerpieces together.

This way, you can get a lot of help to make your own centerpiece, saving you money. Now you should know some centerpiece ideas you can use to do it yourself.

Let’s say you want a wedding set in a dark ambience. This can be accentuated with tablecloths in colors like black, velvet, red, midnight blue, or any other deep color. Most importantly, it’s amazingly inexpensive to do this. Find any sort of wood, twigs, leaves, rocks or anything natural from your yard. Gather them and spray them down with metallic silver spray paint, or glitter if that would look better. Let it dry, and on the day you can arrange it in a pleasing pattern, or simply just glue it all together in a pleasing pattern.

Or, if you’re determined to save money drastically, just get rid of the centerpiece! Granted, there would be a feeling of something missing, but that can be substituted with extra food, desserts or other refreshments. Some couples have replaced their centerpieces with tiered platters containing mini sandwiches or other hors d’eouvres; these easy snacks can enhance your wedding.

Another of many inexpensive centerpiece ideas would be mason jars. Yup use mason jars instead of vases, but don’t just use the mason jar, class it up a bit. Vases are beautiful but can be a huge dent on you budget, but you can purchase boxes of mason jars for a fraction of the cost and then wrap them in tissue paper and fill them up. You can put flowers in them or get more creative with sand and a little shovel.

I trust these centerpiece ideas have assisted you in reducing that huge wedding budget plan you have – and congratulations on the future wedding!

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