Centerpiece Ideas for a Bridal Shower

Coming up with centerpiece ideas for a bridal shower can be fun. Use your imagination, have fun, and remember to include your personality in your decorations. Creating things yourself will always give the atmosphere and the occasion depth and warmth it wouldn’t have otherwise. Here are some great centerpiece ideas for a bridal shower.

Advice tree

Have guests fill out pretty cards with relationship and marriage advice. Fold or roll them and string them with decorative wire. Hang them from the branches of a “tree” made from a gnarly, bare tree branch in a strong vase.

Potted Plants and herbs

Sometimes, the simplest arrangements can make the best impressions. Simple potted plants or herbs placed on tables can make great decorations, especially for a bridal shower with a herb, flower, spring or summer theme. Give the plants to the bride after the party or give them away to guests as door and party game prizes. Hanging plants make unusual and unexpected centerpieces.


Just like for a wedding, candles can make breathtaking centerpieces for a bridal shower party. Use candles in the party’s theme color, or have an array of all-white candles on the tablescape. You can use floating candles in crystal bowls, candles in antique lanterns, or candles engraved with the names of the bride and groom.


Great parties often have great themes. A theme can tie all aspects of the party together into a cohesive whole. Centerpieces can go along with these themes beautifully. Great party themes can go along with the honeymoon or bridal theme. There are many other themes unique to bridal showers, too. At a stock the pantry party, guests are all asked to bring gifts that would be found in a pantry. Herbs and spices or spoons and spatulas in vases would make great centerpieces for a theme like this.


Food makes a unique centerpiece foundation. It can be refreshment and decoration all in one. Chocolate fountains or fondue pots surrounded by delectable dippers make great centerpiece ideas. You can also arrange cupcakes, petit-fours, finger sandwiches, or fruit and vegetables on tiered displays. Fruit sculptures make beautiful centerpiece ideas, too. They can be served alongside chocolate fondue or can make centerpieces all by themselves.


Floral arrangements are classic centerpiece ideas. Try an all white arrangement in honor of the bride to-be, or choose flowers based on the season, theme, or color of the party. Roses are a favorite choice for centerpieces for both bridal showers and weddings. Try a centerpiece using roses of one color but an array of types: buds, blooms, wild, and sweetheart roses all in one arrangement.


Gathered and found objects from nature can make inspired centerpiece ideas for a bridal shower. Beach glass, crystals, flowers, branches, leaves, bird houses, and garden vegetables can all become centerpieces. This category would suit a gardener, a sportswoman, or a bride who loves the outdoors.

Party Favors

Any of the above centerpieces can be used as party gifts for the bride or guests. Let the party game winners go home with their choice of centerpiece.

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