Catering – How to Create an Edible Centerpiece

Edible centerpieces are fun, colorful, functional and a must have at all your catering events. You can make centerpieces out of anything; fruit, vegetables, gourmet cheeses, desserts and etc…Edible centerpieces are a great money maker in the catering industry as you can charge 3-5 times over the actual cost of the ingredients which boosts your business profits.

Not to mention, the edible centerpieces look great and your client’s will love them. The company “Edible Arrangements” has made a fortune off their beautiful fruit arrangements and now you can too. Below are the step by step instructions to creating a fruit centerpiece.

Suggested Ingredients (you can use any combination of fruit you wish)

  • Pineapple,
  • Red grapes,
  • Strawberries,
  • Cantaloupe,
  • Honeydew,
  • Watermelon,
  • Kiwi,
  • Chocolate for dipping,
  • Fresh kale or Romaine lettuce


  • Bamboo skewers,
  • Star, flower and heart shaped metal cookie cutters,
  • Melon baller, Crinkle potato cutter,
  • White basket, short vase, bowl or empty melon shell for display.
  • Foam filler


Start by selecting a base for your arrangement. You can obtain various foam fillers for the base of your arrangement at your local craft stores such as “Michael’s, Jo-Ann’s or even the craft section at Wal-Mart.” They are usually semi hard and made of green foam. Place a piece of the foam in the basket, vase or presentation bowl of your choice and cover it aluminum foil then with fresh kale or lettuce to prevent pieces of the foam from getting onto the fruit and for decorative purposes.

Next, slice the melons in half, then core. From here you can create slices with your crinkle cutter or use the melon baller. Slide the “crinkly” melon slices onto skewers and set aside. Reserve some of the melon balls for finishing your bouquet. For pineapple, (do not core) just slice to the depth of your cookie cutters then press out shapes with your cookie cutters positioning the core of the pineapple in the center. Flower shapes are best for pineapple since you can leave the core in and skewer it through the middle then slide a melon ball, strawberry or grape over the center to cover the core. Be careful not to skewer the fruit all the way to the end as you do not want the bamboo skewer tips showing in your arrangement.

You will want the strawberries to remain whole. Dip half of the strawberries into rich chocolate shell and place into the refrigerator to harden. Now you can start arranging the skewered fruits into a bouquet. alternating colors and textures. Arrange the chocolate strawberries last to avoid cracking the chocolate shell. You can search the internet for various images and ideas for styles and arrangements if you get stuck.

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