Candy Centerpieces – Sinfully Sweet and Surprisingly Cheap

Candy centerpieces have become an increasingly popular way to adorn the tables at all types of events and celebrations including baby showers, bridal showers, birthday and anniversary parties, and, of course, wedding receptions. Much lower in cost than a traditional floral arrangement, a candy centerpiece is at once whimsical and entertaining and can easily become the topic of conversation at any given event.

As a do-it-yourself project, all it takes is a few inexpensive supplies and your imagination to make a nice centerpiece of sweet treats. With literally thousands of varieties of candy available, there are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to make candy centerpieces. The last thing that you’ll ever need to be worried about is not being able to think of anything to make for an event. Browse pictures online and copy what you see. For this type of project, you can easily cut corners and no one will be the wiser. If you don’t have a clear glass vase, take the label off any household jar and decorate it. Don’t have fancy ribbons? Cut strands from old holiday bows. Can’t find florist wire? Paint a few Popsicle sticks.

Candy Centerpieces Can be Sinfully Cheap

Particularly if you need more than one for your event, the cost of adorning your tables in this manner rings in at about half the price of traditional floral arrangements. The cost is low because candy, of course, can always be bought in bulk and anything bought in bulk is cheaper. With a little imagination, a few simple supplies and embellishments such as ribbons and Styrofoam, and a couple of pounds of your favorite sweet treat, you can create sinfully sweet masterpieces that look as elegant as anything you could purchase through a professional vendor. If you do prefer to buy your candy centerpieces, online stores as well as local candy shoppes are always offering amazing package deals for any sized event.

Candy Centerpieces Are Appropriate at Any Event

The fact is that everyone loves candy! In addition, since candy is so versatile and there’s so much of a variety in colors, flavors, and shapes, creating appropriate candy centerpieces for different occasions is as easy as manipulating colors and containers. For example, a pretty glass jar filled with colorful jellybeans or a lollipop bouquet is perfect for baby showers and birthday parties. For a wedding, swap the jellybeans for white mints and swap the lollipop bouquet fora candy ‘rose’ bouquet made of Hershey’s Kisses and you’re good to go!

Whether you choose to create your own diy candy centerpiece or whether you choose to buy your displays from a professional vendor, the fact remains that your event centerpieces will surely be memorable for all your guests and appreciated by all in attendance long after the festivities have passed.

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