Candle Wedding Centerpieces

If you are looking for ideas for your candle wedding centerpieces check this article for a few inexpensive and great tips. I will show you how to make your centerpieces with floating candles, scented candles and beautiful tea lights. They are all easy on the pocket; very economical choices that can really look great if arranged properly. After reading this article you should be buzzing with many great wedding centerpieces ideas.

Candle Wedding Centerpieces

Floating candles are one of the most popular options at wedding receptions. They add a magical touch to your tables and can be arranged in different ways to give each and every table a unique look. Make sure you choose the right candles as they should fall within the colors of your wedding theme. The shape and size is also important. Do not make the mistake of creating wedding centerpieces that are too big and detract attention from the rest of the decor.

Also, take into account the shape of the tables: i.e. round tables offer less room than square ones. Next, find the right container and fill it with water. Not many people consider dying the water which could result in a really spectacular centerpiece. Use food coloring – always according to the wedding color theme – and make sure the bowl is see through or frosted glass. The flame of the candle should always be lower than the eye level.

You can also use wooden or metal bowls. Add a few petals or leaves to the water. That will stop the candles from clumping together inside. Candle holders come in different shapes like animals or flowers and some are even scented. Many people rule out the scented candles for their wedding centerpieces but they can really add a great touch to the tables. There are literally hundreds of scents to choose from: lavender, wood, fruit, cinnamon, ginger, floral and even chocolate! You will definitely find the right fragrance according to your wedding theme. Just make sure your chosen scent will not overpower the room.

Tea lights are very beautiful and can create a simple but elegant look. Scatter them around the table carefully to add ambiance. Again, there are many to choose from: plastic, glass, wooden, stone, light bamboo, porcelain, even jelly! Use different color and shape decorative votive holders if you want to give each table a unique look. Mix the tea lights with other candles and make interesting arrangements with different heights and shapes. Use wide candles for the main wedding centerpieces and surround with the tea lights for a really stunning look.

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