Beach Themed Bridal Shower – From Paper Lanterns to Seashell Centerpieces

The planning and execution of a bridal shower is traditionally the responsibility of the maid-of-honor who is usually a close friend of the bride. Nowadays, brides have taken it upon themselves to plan their own showers. Whoever handles the planning is not important; the important thing is for the bridal shower to reflect the personality and style of the bride, i.e. her interests and hobbies, and for the shower to be an intimate and jovial setting for the bride bond with her female friends.

Beach Themed Bridal Shower - From Paper Lanterns to Seashell Centerpieces

Beaches often arouse the carefree and fun-loving spirit in people and this is why incorporating a beach theme to a bridal shower makes for one of the most harmonious event-theme combination’s out there. A beach themed bridal shower need not be held in a beach; it could be celebrated and experienced in any open space or even indoors.

To start with, decorate the shower area with lots of beach elements or hints of the vibrancy and fun of the beach. Round paper lanterns is one idea a host can toy with. Choose sunny colors for the paper lanterns and hang them asymmetrically for a fun twist and vibe. If the bride happens to have a favorite color that she simply cannot do without, then a host can go all out and pick one color for the paper lanterns. The shower area can then take this as a cue to decorate the tables and chairs and wedding favors with hints of that favorite color.

If a bride, for example, is a fan of the colors ivory and shades of brown then complement ivory lanterns with latte and dark brown table cloths. Add elements of the beach, to stay true to the beach themed bridal shower, by sprawling sand on the tables as centerpieces. With the sand as the base, add personalized seashells that indicate the date of the shower and the name of the bride and groom and spice them up with starfishes and pretty beach rocks and trinkets. A host can make use of colored sands for a little zest and use silver trinkets of sea creatures and shells, available in bundles, to spray around the sand. Add a coconut candle on the sand or a shell-decorated candle holder for the perfect blend of lighting and decoration.

Serve beach themed cookies on the tables for added color and decor and bring out personalized champagne flutes and wine glasses placed atop flip flop coasters for brides who are into cocktails and wines. Cocktail shakers can be placed for guests to mix drinks with and a great idea if a mini bar is set up for this purpose. This can turn into a fun game for guests and the cocktail shakers can serve as party favors.

For brides who are into tea and coffee, provide tea sachets formed in pyramids with a leaf detailing on top and personalized labels and set them atop ceramic trays. Another alternative is to place a personalized tea bag on a porcelain teabag caddies and add silver, heart-shaped infusers to the side for your guests to indulge and delight in.

There are still hundreds of ways to mix and match beach-themed items to decorate and illuminate a beach themed bridal shower. A little diligence and imagination is all it takes to create that perfect blend.

Roxelle Corneja is a freelance writer who loves weddings, especially, bridal showers. She also loves the beach and she collects ideas from all over, like books, magazines and the internet, to come up with fabulous ideas like paper lanterns for beach themed bridal showers, to name a few.

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