Beach Theme Wedding Centerpiece Idea

Are you planning to have a beach wedding? Does the fantasy of mermaids and the ocean world playfully urge your mind to let loose and give in but you’re too conscious about the norms? Stop thinking about it! It’s your wedding and you deserve to choose what theme you like best!

Beach Theme Wedding Centerpiece Idea

If you and your partner already agreed to have a beach wedding, talk to him about you’re under the sea fantasy and if he’ll like it then go for it!

Be adventurous and let loose of your fantasy and ask your decorator to create your for Sea Paradise-Atlantis beach wedding centerpiece! Are you curious about the theme but interested? Then read on.

As the name Sea Paradise-Atlantis theme entails, you need to have resources found in the sea as ornaments and centerpieces plus wedding attire that will have an Atlantis feel; Greek inspired attires!

Let’s start off with the beach wedding centerpiece. To decorate your tables:

  • Choose aquamarine or turquoise as the color of your table clothes to resemble the color of the ocean. Look for seashell gel candles or sandcastle sculptures on novelty shops online or downtown to be your table centerpiece.
  • Look for a crab candle holder or any sea creature icon to adorn your candles. Scatter clamshells or puka shells for an underwater ambiance.
  • If you want to save a bit more, buy a crystal bowl, fill the bowl a little less up to the middle, add pebbles add a cute and colorful clam shell on top of the pebbles and add clear water. Place a floating candle on top and scatter colorful synthetic crystal stones around the bowl to make an ocean treasure replica.
  • Use white pillar replicas with dangling white silk clothes on top to reincarnate Atlantis in your wedding venue.

You don’t have to dress like a mermaid to complete the theme! You should still be glamorous because it is your big day! Here are some tips for your wedding attire:

For Women:

  • Think Greek Gods and Goddesses! Think Aphrodite! The timeless beauty and elegance of the design will certainly make you look stunning and favored by the gods!
  • Choose a simple wedding sandal that will reminisce the ancient Greek fashion. Choose the ones that have lovely straps that will gracefully embrace a quarter of your lower leg.
  • Use a pearl stud earring and sexy bangles to accent your gown.

For Men:

  • You don’t have to wear a toga! As every rule has exceptions, stick with cotton or linen long sleeved top. You don’t have to be too formal for your beach wedding, so there is no need to rent a tuxedo.
  • Choose a comfortable sandal to match your wedding attire.

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