Baptism Centerpieces

Are you planning a Baptism party? You’ll want to decorate in a manner that celebrates the ceremony while at the same time maintaining the sanctity of the event. You’ll also want guests to be able to sit at tables, whether you choose to serve a meal or not. Choose any of the following options when creating beautiful and memorable centerpieces for these tables.

Baptism Centerpieces

Flowers in the shape of a cross: You may order cross-shaped containers, which can then be filled with flowers, or you can place flowers in colored Styrofoam. You’ll want to be sure the flowers are fresh, so they should be purchased the day of the event or the evening before (and placed in the refrigerator for storage until the party). Also, be sure the flowers match the color scheme of the rest of the party decorations.

Balloon centerpieces: For this option, not only can you order religious themed balloons, such as crosses, bibles, or doves, but the weights for keeping the balloon bouquet on the table can also be themed. The weights, as well as the balloons, are available in a number of colors and styles. The weights may also include embellishments, such as stars or sparkles.

Cupcake towers: You can decorate delicious cupcakes and place them on glass cupcake towers in the center of each table. The cupcakes can come in a variety of flavors, from chocolate to vanilla to gingerbread. Each one should be frosted and include decorations ranging from the date of the Baptism or the child’s name to angels and crosses. This is a delicious option that will be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Angel centerpieces: Large figurines can be purchased at craft stores or online. They can be placed on each table and surrounded with confetti. If you find angels at the store, you may be able to decorate them yourself. Others come decorated for you. Some may have large wings made of feathers or other material.

Photos of the new baby: Place some pictures of your cute little one in various size frames and incorporate them into your centerpiece. You can place a small vase in the middle and surround it with photos.

Floating candles: If you’re party will take place in the evening (or even in a dimly lit room), consider lighting floating candles throughout the room. Fill glass dishes with water and line the bottom of each dish with colored rocks or gems. Then place three to four floating candles in each one. These candles may come in shapes such as flowers or deep ovals, or you can order specialty candles online.

Joyce Kreger is a party planner. She offers ideas about how to select Baptism centerpieces and Christening favors.

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