Baptism Centerpieces – Many Ideas!

If you are hosting a Baptism party after your child’s ceremony, inevitably you will be serving refreshments or a meal and a table centerpiece(s) will be in order. There’s always a flower centerpiece….but how about something different?

Baptism Centerpieces - Many Ideas!

Edible Baptism Centerpieces: The benefit of these is that they also serve as your party favor or your dessert! There are many different types of edible centerpieces but some of the best include:

  1. Lollipop Centerpieces: You can purchase these already made – usually they feature hard candy lollipops (versus chocolate) in religious shapes such as crosses, praying hands, etc. They usually come in a decorative tin and are nicely arranged within them. You can also make your own by purchasing flower vase foam (sold at all craft stores), put it inside a vase and then stick the lollipops in the foam.

  2. Candy Jar Centerpieces: Using clear vases that can be inexpensively purchased at craft stores or in your supermarket floral section, fill them with the candy of your choice (you can color coordinate your candy to your party has a color scheme to it – think M&M’s, Jelly Beans, Gum Drops, etc. ). Make sure you put out a scoop(s) and personalized favor bags so that guests can help themselves as they leave!

  3. Cake Centerpieces: Of course these would be your dessert instead of the party favors but there is no reason why decorated cakes can’t be the focal point of your party. Borrow cakes stands from friends and have all cakes either decorated the same or put a differently decorated cake at each table.

‘Cake’ Centerpieces: Not real cake but rather favor boxes that are put together to look like a multi-tiered cake. Look for Baptism Centerpieces that include personalized favor boxes. Fill them with the sweet treat of your choice or with flower seeds. My favorite is a Rosary Cake Centerpiece with each of the personalized favor boxes containing a mini decade rosary for each guest.

Balloon Centerpieces: Turn to your local party supply store to see what religious related balloons (that feature a cross or an angel, for example) that they have in stock or can order. Choose a few and then add some regular balloons around it that are in a complementary color. Put the weights that hold them in a white vase and tie a beautiful satin ribbon around the vase in a coordinating color. Make sure that the balloons themselves are of height that is just over the guests’ heads so it doesn’t get in the way of talking to one another. The younger guests will love taking the balloons home at the end of the party!

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