Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

Like any event, when planning a baby shower all necessities are taken into account. There’s food to order, decorating to do, favors to hand out and much more. Centerpieces might not be the first thing that come to mind, but they are an important part of your baby shower.

When your guests walk in, one of the first things that will catch their eye are the centerpieces. Of course you want them to “ooh” and “ahh” at your creative ideas and clever presentation! So design your centerpieces so beautifully that they will do just that.

Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

You can never go wrong with traditional ideas such as balloons and floral centerpieces, because you can purchase or create them to virtually match anything. After all, for years both have been around and used as centerpieces. Balloons are a simple idea, since all you really need to do is purchase and arrange them as your centerpiece.

Although they are an easy way out, they’re also a bit unoriginal and somewhat boring for your guests to bring home. If you don’t want to be too over the top, or spend too much time and money, flowers are a better idea. Floral arrangements are a great alternative because they remain classic and polished, but you can still put a bit of a twist on them if you want.

Of course you can pick and choose the colors to match your scheme, but even the smallest details will add an elegant touch. Arrange the flowers in an intricate vase, or perhaps a basket, and add some ribbon or bows here and there. If you are having a themed baby shower, try to incorporate something into the arrangement. For example, if it is a Tea Party Theme, purchase old, large teapots and arrange the flowers in them.

Candy is also something to consider using in your centerpieces, because there is really so much you can do with it. Not only is it decorative, but also practical since it can be eaten afterward. Topiaries are an extremely creative way to display candy. Rather than wasting time and cash on a topiary frame, visit your local craft store for supplies such as a pot, long cinnamon sticks (for the trunk of the topiary) and a Styrofoam ball and block (the block to hold the base of the topiary, and the ball for the top).

Use toothpicks to push the candy into the Styrofoam ball and voila! Gumdrops are a popular choice when creating these yummy masterpieces, but there are many other alternatives: like mini lollipops or bubble gum. If you’re not too crafty, purchase tall, clear vases and fill them up with candy to match your color scheme. For a great look, arrange vases of different heights in the centers of your table, and fill each with a different color. By doing this, the centerpieces will have a lot more variation and height, and also be more three dimensional rather than a single vase.

For the ever notorious shopaholics, there are always home decorating stores that offer a huge variety of unique and one of a kind items. Going there is all about luck though–a lot of the time there is only limited stock available on an item. You should also never try to go back to the same store after seeing something you like, because chances are it’s going to be gone. If you choose to take this route, you may end up spending more money, depending on what you decide to purchase, but rest assured there won’t be any stressing about how they’re going to look on the tables.

Whatever centerpiece option you choose or brilliant idea you come up with yourself, your tables are sure to look stunning. There’s no better way to adorn your tables than with baby shower favors, and after all, that’s what your guests will really remember!

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