Baby Diaper Cake for a Stunning Baby Shower Centerpiece

Diaper baby cakes are getting more and more popular in baby showers. Even while it may not be really appetizing to hear or even in the imagination, these cakes are not meant to be eaten by the visitors. Rather, these are mere playful centerpieces which are displayed and can even be used by the parents in the long run. If you combine this cute idea with great products to match, you will no longer wonder why this concept has been gaining more and more popularity.

Baby Diaper Cake for a Stunning Baby Shower Centerpiece

Diaper baby cakes are basically diapers which have been put together to create a cake-like structure centerpiece. Contrary to what you might think, the nappies are not wasted. In fact, they can even be used in the future by the new parents. If you think new parents can’t get enough of diapers, then you can conjure up your own and give them as a gift.

If you plan to create your own diaper baby cake, then you might want to know that this entails more than just stacking up quite an awful lot of diapers. You are going to need approximately 50 nappies with 1 ft. ribbon for each, and tape. Make sure that the tape will stick well without destroying the diaper when it is time to disassemble it.

According to some, the tough part of making a diaper baby cake is getting the nappies ready. Basically, what you need to do is roll up the diaper and tie them in a bow. This job may not seem to be tough at first, but if you are doing it for more than 50 times, then it can make your hands a little painful. In this case, you can call in some help from your friends in rolling up some diapers.

Just as what you do with the conventional edible cake, this cake will be placed into layers. The top layer will consist of about 5-6 diapers with ribbon at the outer layer of the bottle. Then, put a tape on it. The rest of the nappies will be used for the remainder of the layers — second and third layers. It is your choice to make as much layers as you want. However, just remember that the more layers you have, the more nappies you need.

If you have finally created a masterpiece out of diaper baby nappies, then you are ready to arrange it for a stunning centerpiece. Put the tiers together with the use of the tape. Wrap the widest layer to a piece of cardboard or perhaps a serving plate. Then, you can add the other layers and place more ribbons around the entire centerpiece. In fact, you can also put the other items you want to give and stuff them into the cake. On the other hand, you will need to securely place them with the ribbon.

Now, can you imagine how your diaper baby cake will look like? You can buy colored bows and tapes that can match the gender of the baby. For a funkier look, go for various ribbon colors. Finally seeing how great it looks, surely your efforts will be paid off.

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