Antique Beds Make a Great Bedroom Centerpiece

When considering the decorum of a room or your new house it is important to contemplate which theme or themes you want to emulate. The interior design industry is quite broad from the post modern movement to the antiques of old. Either way, the style is what you’re paying for, so you should expect the cost of the investment to increase in correspondence to the alleged style of the piece. Because the antique industry is an old industry, its style is already firmly established so the only thing you will be deciding on is how to customize it, and which region from which to select your pieces.

Antique Beds Make a Great Bedroom Centerpiece

The investment in your home is a sizable one which is accompanied by everything that you use to make the house you purchase the home you desire. The home is a composition of all the items that you choose to represent yourself and your style. Antiques fall wonderfully within this category as they bring a historical culture and a respect for history to your home, aside from their great worth. Antique beds are one of the easiest to look into because of their universal manufacturing throughout all places where humans reside and where they congregate in capitalistic ways.

The appeal of the furniture, as states before, comes from many different sources, but stems primarily from the historical nature of the piece. The majority of European, Middle Eastern, and classical Asian furniture rely on the heavy quality of the weight of the wood for sturdiness. Asian pieces especially focus on the wood grain to give the piece its color and character. The other movements in central Asia and Europe applied more value and worth to the heavy lacquers that are placed on top of the wood to help distinguish it, or simply an appeal to the natural wood grain and colors that the wood gives. The type of wood and style for sealing it are imperative to type and location of origin of the furniture.

In all cases master carpenters craft or crafted the units together. Europe started the four post bed movement to guard against the drafty nature of the castles and to prevent bugs from getting into the bed. The necessity of the cloth guard has since been removed with improved construction techniques, but the four post bed is still revered as the pinnacle of rich luxury in your sleep.

Antique beds are usually titled by the primary influence, time period or country of origin from which they are produced. Generally speaking, this means that the bed will have a country adjective in front of it, such as Italian or Swiss. It might have the time period which could denote a country of origin, such as Victorian which might refer to the era or Victorian England. Lastly the bed could be titled by the name of the person who influenced the bed, such as the Louis the XV bed style. In the last category there is also a historical time period that is implied by the time frame around the person or event in question.

As shown, there are many different qualities to consider and measure with regards to your personal taste and opinion of style prior to any furniture investment, but the values of the antique collections are sizable as the beds are enormous, and sometimes less tangible as it hits you that you own a piece of history.

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