A Romantic Centerpiece

Nothing is quite as romantic as candles, and when you make a centerpiece out of high quality white and off white candles, for some reason that spells one of the classiest ways to make a romantic centerpiece. With a candle holder for each candle you can create an eye dazzling effect by having short candle holders and tall candle holders, as well as varying the height of the candles. A candelabra or two with long tapered candles will also bring out the romance of your very special dinner for two.

A Romantic Centerpiece

Or you can make an arrangement of different sized pillar candles for a very romantic centerpiece. Perhaps you may wish to purchase floating candles and put them in a large glass bowls that float about and make the glass bowls sparkle as your lover’s eyes will sparkle with such a romantic centerpiece.

Of course romance often calls for flowers, and so you can purchase a great number of tremendously romantic centerpieces, each more lovely than the next. Using real flowers as a romantic centerpiece allows you to use the scent of the flowers too for greater romanticism.

There are many romantic ceramic centerpieces such as a couple holding hands, or kissing. Paired with candlelight, you will find that this type of romantic centerpiece is hard to beat.

Because fondue is romantic by itself, consider making a fondue set your romantic centerpiece. The act of having each other taste something from the other’s dipped fondue is extremely romantic, as is the candle that is lit beneath the fondue. Can you say strawberries dipped in chocolate?

Do not forget how romantic candles mixed with mirrors can be. By setting your candles on a large mirror or mirrored tray, and using that as your romantic centerpiece you’ll get twice the romantic ambiance from those candles.

Candles that are featured among a floral nest also make quite a romantic statement. The wondrous fragrant aroma that flowers can bring will only heighten the sense of romanticism. Besides adding flowers lends an opulent touch to your table.

Consider too, having long stemmed flowers such as gladiolas on their side. The horizontal display will bring a romantic touch to your table that will be very difficult to enhance upon, while lending a very stylish look.

A birdcage, especially an ancient one, can make quite an elegant statement as a centerpiece. You can fill it with flowers, or even candles. Best yet, tuck in simulated lovebirds on the perch.

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