A Gourmet Lollipop Princess – Centerpiece Stunner

If you are planning a bridal shower, wedding or birthday party, a beautiful centerpiece can lay the foundation for the rest of your table and party decor. Ideas for centerpieces come in a variety of ideas, themes and designs although floral centerpieces seem to be the all time favorite.

A Gourmet Lollipop Princess - Centerpiece Stunner

Roses, tigerlilies, carnations and daisies offer color and pizzaz but what if you want something different, something unique, something delicious. I am about to offer you an idea for a centerpiece that you would never have thought of in your wildest dreams.

What is this Centerpiece you say? Well she’s an eye catching lollipop princess that stands 16″ tall, is made from the finest white or milk chocolate and weighs 9 oz. What makes her so special is her gorgeous tissue gown that comes in a variety of colors, stripes, dots and flowers.

Dress her in red, blue, pink, gold and purple, your choices are endless. Her gown will sparkle and is over laid with tulle. Her bodice is fashioned from tasty sprinkles and her waist is cinched with a satin ribbon.

A lollipop you say? Yep, she is one delicious doll. She is one centerpiece that neither you nor your lucky guests will forget. If you are planning a Victorian, Southern belle, Fairy tale princess or Halloween themed extravaganza, she will add dramatic charm.

Our gourmet lollipop princess will add perfection to your candy buffets, elegance to party tables and drama to bridal showers. Place her on all your event tables at birthday parties, quincenearas, sweet sixteen parties and bat mitzvahs.

Everyone from little girls, to brides and misty eyed mothers adore her. She is sure to be the talk of the party and a lovely addition that will stand out and no doubt steal the show.

Now, you have a great idea for your next event and after the party is over and everyone has gone home, you and your family will enjoy eating the delectable chocolate. Enjoy!

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