A Beautiful Wedding Centerpiece That Won’t Break Your Budget

I think we all can agree that, one of the first things that we see when we walk into a wedding reception area are the centerpieces. If you’ve ever been to a bridal show, it’s as if the florist booth always draws brides to it with displays of beautiful centerpieces. By the time you are finished looking, you have visions of flowers dancing in your mind. Many times this look comes with a price…a BIG price. So what’s a girl to do? How can you have beautiful centerpieces without sacrificing every penny? Here is what I did.

First, you must assess where the wedding is taking place. Are you having a wedding at a reception hall that has a low ceiling, and you want tall, statuesque centerpieces. You may want to bring the height down a bit because it may give a look of being cramped or packed. You may want to do a medium height or even a low centerpiece. On the other hand if the room has high ceilings, the tall centerpieces may give your reception the drama that it needs.

You also have to think about the formality and theme of your wedding. Centerpieces do convey the theme and give cohesion to the look of the entire day. If you are doing a laidback country casual theme, your centerpieces should reflect that. Don’t use the look of the urban city loft. What if you are having a highly formal wedding reception? I don’t think the party centerpieces from the prom will match the look that you are going for.

Beautiful centerpieces are a reflection of your tastes and your style.

Next, you need to get ideas. What did I do? I went to bridal shows with a camera. Whether it is your camera phone or an actual camera, it does not matter. Just bring something and snap pictures of the beautiful centerpieces that you see. Don’t just snap a picture and walk away. Study it. See the flowers that the florist used. Look at how the arrangement is done. I know you may not be able to do the exact same thing, but try to see if you can take cues from it to make it the beautiful centerpiece that you want. On top of studying it, talk to the florist. Ask questions about how they created it. Tell them that you are a bride on a budget and see how they could make this centerpiece for you but cheaper. You may be surprised that the florist can actually save you big bucks. By doing this, you should at least get an idea of what you want and the look that you want.

Practice. Practice. Practice. Buy some flowers and practice making centerpieces that you may like. I have made over 10 types of centerpieces that I think are beautiful. Since I like roses, I bought roses from the grocery store to get the look of a variety of centerpieces. This is a pretty cheap way to practice; however, if you can’t do this, decide on the flowers that you want, and buy silks and experiment. A favorite place of mine to get silk flowers and vases from is Michael’s. Practicing works best when you have time. Because I have been engaged almost two years, I am in no rush to decide and can go through all the ideas in my head before making a decision.

Before you know it, you will have beautiful centerpieces that everyone will notice at the reception. Remember; think about your space, theme, and formality. Get ideas and practice those ideas to see if they are practical for you.

Things to Remember:

o Try to find inexpensive flowers that can give the same effect as expensive ones. Some centerpieces are over $100 per centerpiece. Part of this cost is the flowers that you use. Find cheaper flowers!

o Don’t spend much money on the container. All eyes will be on the flowers. No one cares if the vase is crystal or made out of a special kind of glass. Truth is no one will notice. The Dollar Store, Family Dollar, and General Dollar Store are a few sites with nice vases that you can use.

o Taller centerpieces are more expensive than lower ones. Many taller centerpieces are more elaborate than the lower centerpieces, so this means more work and sometimes, more flowers which can be a large task it you are taking this on yourself.

o Elaborate centerpieces take a lot of time, effort, and talent. Make sure you know how to arrange the centerpiece you want. You don’t want to be halfway through making the arrangements, get frustrated, and be ready to quit. Give yourself time. Get help. Take some classes to learn how to make more intricate centerpieces.

o Make sure the centerpiece is a reflection of you.

If you manage to follow some (if not all) of these steps, you are well on your way to making your wedding centerpieces Inexpensively Fabulous!


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