7 simple centerpiece ideas

A reception is memorable for the bridal couple. Creating a magical experience involves setting the scene with guest tables holding centerpieces that capture the wedding theme.

Flowers are versatile and available in myriad colors, but couples can explore a variety of options before settling on one.

Candles Inexpensive and beautiful, candles impart subtle glow to space. Candles of varying heights cast light on tables and make the room look and feel more intimate. Placed on a mirror or silver cake platter, flamelight reflects and disperses even more.

Fruit Lemons, limes, apples, oranges and other pieces of fruit are cost-friendly. Placed in a basket or clear vase, the colors of fresh fruit can be vibrant and eye-catching. Brought home and eaten afterward, it limits waste.

Beads and baubles A vase or low-profile glass bowl filled with beads, shells, rocks or crystals is an easy dress-up. Decorative beads paired with candles increase visual appeal.

Edible ideas Centerpieces doubling as favors cut expense and work in creation and cleanup. A basket with tulle-wrapped clusters of Jordan almonds or decorative boxes of cookies stacked in the center of the table invite guests to take them home. A tall vase filled with candy-covered chocolates is eye catching at the event, then guests can fill up their own little bags of sweet treats when the party closes down.

Themed objects Birdhouses, watering cans, teapots, small birdcages, jars of locally gathered honey, flip-flops or other items that fit a theme make appropriate centerpieces. A carved pumpkin or gourd fits a fall-timed wedding, while a sand pail complete the look of a warm-weather wedding. Framed photos invite attention.

Balloons Don’t underestimate the power of a billowing balloon bouquet centering a table. Often lower in price than flowers, balloons quickly fill a space.

Wildflowers Rather than using exotic flowers, do-it-yourself couples can place whimsical bunches of wildflowers and fresh herbs into vases on each table. Succulents need little water and can be prepared in advance. http://www.stltoday.com/

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