5 Tips to Choose Exclusive Centerpiece Bowls

Floating candles with a sweet aroma can make any atmosphere very relaxing. Hence, most of the spas and resorts make extensive use of them in their pools, tables and in every other place possible.

If you want to decorate your house for the next pool side party or a romantic night with your beloved, centerpieces with floating candles are a great choice. But, be careful to choose the best and unique bowls to make your centerpiece look astonishing.

Most of the Floating candle bowls in the stores are made up of glass. They are the universal choice for most hotels and spa’s too. But, you try to decorate in a slightly different way using various materials. Chinese shops will have the floating lantern paper caskets. Place your floating candles in a small glass jar and surround it with these paper caskets. They will look like a unique bowl. Place them in the gardens, in your bathroom or in your bedroom to create an elite mood.

Buy simple china soup jars in various colors from the store. You can also use the exclusive ceramic sets you have in your house. Place the floating candles on them and arrange them in an order as shown in the figure below. Place small flower bouquets around them to add more charm. This setting is suitable to decorate your table, prayer hall, balcony or any other quiet place.

Select painted glass floating candle bowls, with small carvings on them instead of the usual plain glass ones. You need not fill in such bowls with any decorative items. The design in the bowl will speak for itself. Just fill the liquid and float the candles in them.

If you have plain floating candle bowls you would love to use, place it on a decorative metal stand as shown in the figure to add more effect. You can add decorative glass gems to their base to make your centerpiece colorful.

Small wreaths can also be placed beneath the metal stand instead of adding the gems or pearls to the base of the bowl. You also hang such centerpieces with the stands from top using decorative chains. They will look very unique.

Use floating candle bowls made of different materials like shells, copper, terracotta and sand. Do beautiful flower decorations on them and float some candles in the middle. They will give a unique antique look to your party.

Differentiate the shape of the bowls. You can use anything from a simple fish shaped glass bowl to a plastic bowl shaped like flower. Small square aquarium glass boxes also can be used with suitable decorations around them. Make sure you use circular objects to decorate the jars and bowls and square or rectangular objects to decorate the square or rectangle shaped bowls.

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