5 Creative Centerpiece Ideas

The centerpiece is one of the most important decorative elements from any party. The moment the guests arrive, the first thing they notice is the centerpiece. So, you need to take some time to find the perfect centerpiece for the party you organize.

5 Creative Centerpiece Ideas

For most parties, especially weddings, the traditional centerpiece – a floral arrangement – is both elegant and convenient. Since you have a lot of tables to set up, you can place a large flower arrangement on the main table and small replicas of the main floral arrangement on all the other tables. When picking the flower arrangements that you want to use as centerpieces for a party, make sure they will look fresh for at least 10 hours. You need to set the tables before the party, and the flower arrangements are delivered in advance – it’s very important though to get arrangements that last for hours.

A beautiful centerpiece, suitable for any type of party, is a transparent glass bowl you can decorate with just about anything: she shells, colored sand, candles or dried flowers. You can make only one centerpiece from a large bowl, or, if you have to set a lot of tables, you can make several smaller arrangements, in cylindrical, transparent glasses. All you have to do is putting, inside the transparent bowl or glass, layers of colored sand, seashells and dried flowers. Finish each arrangement with as a scented candle and all your guests will be impressed.

A fruits basket makes a beautiful and delicious centerpiece. Buy as many types of fruits as you can find in the supermarket and also get an elegant bowl or basket. Arrange the fruits in the bowl or basket as artistic as you can and finish the look with some dried flowers and fruits. For this arrangement, you have to use entire fruits: don’t cut or peel them because they will turn black in no time and they won’t look pretty at all. The best part about that centerpiece is that it also makes a yummy desert, with some cream and biscuits aside.

A chocolate fountain not only that it looks great, but all the guests will be delight by such a spectacular centerpiece. Make a beautiful fruits and cheese arrangement around the chocolate fountain, and let everyone enjoy delicious chocolate-coated bites. Be as creative as you can about the chocolate fountain centerpiece. For example, you can arrange wood sticks with fruits on top in some foam like material and make them look like a flower bouquet. Instead of chocolate, you can also get a fruit punch or drink fountain.

You can also make an unconventional centerpiece out of square tray, that you can use as a display for a lot of decorative objects. You can put on the tray different things: scented candles, a small flowerpot, chocolate and biscuits for the guests, seashells, rocks or anything else. The only rule is to look good. This tray centerpiece is great for another reason: you can also place the favors for you guests on it.

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