4 Ideas For Glamorous Decorations For a 70s Themed Christmas Party

Flares, glitter and dodgy moustaches all signify the 1970’s- an era of incredible fashion and music. Today, the 1970’s is a popular theme for Christmas parties all over the globe, mainly because the outrageous fashion and music are so funky. It’s a fun themed party not only to come to but to organise as well, as you can have fun with the party decorations and go as wild with them as you want.

(1)Glamorous decoration number one has to the classic disco ball – it wouldn’t be a disco without it! Place above the dance floor and get your boogie on whilst the disco ball shimmers and spins – an authentic 70’s disco that will get every cool dude on the dance floor! Add a few around the Christmas party venue to ensure the whole venue looks just as funky as the dance floor. To enhance that 70’s disco feeling, use strobe colored lighting or coloured disco lights, which when combined with fog or smoke machines, creates an ultimate 1970’s disco.

(2)Extend the 70’s to the dining and drinks area by adding psychedelic accessories. Lava lamps will give the perfect low lighting needed for an intimate venue whilst remaining true to the 1970’s and added with beaded curtains, you can corner off an area to create a more intimate space in a large venue. Adding authentic 70’s posters to this area or playing classic movies, such as Saturday Night Fever will further create the authentic 1970’s atmosphere.

(3)For an intimate drinks area, add funky 1970’s furniture which incorporates either the early flower power of the 1970’s or the later glam-rock space look. It will create a retro space perfect for your dressed up guests. Stick to one look, otherwise your party venue make end up looking a bit strange.

(4)Don’t be frightened to be outrageous with your decorations either. Go with gold’s, silvers and glitters for a true 1970’s and Christmas party look. Add gold candles, paint decorative items in gold and silver to add that extra 1970’s sparkle. Gold decor added with a red velvet (you can use a different material) rope, reminiscent of studio 54, placed in the entrance hall will add that element of exclusivity and luxury for all your guests.

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