15-Minute DIY Centerpieces

Celebrations can happen at any time and in any place, with groups large or small. In fact, some of the most memorable parties require no forethought and no real work at all.

Speaking of no work, we’ve created an assortment of fun centerpieces that can be thrown to together fast using household iterms. After checking out these ideas, you’ll be grateful you held onto those empty canisters, extra rubber bands, and more.

Floral Pop

15-Minute DIY Centerpieces

You’ll be thankful that the bubble wrap (from Aunt Bertha’s Christmas gift) never made it to the recycling bin. Sheets of bubble dots can turn a few glass vases into delightful decorative pieces for the tabletop.

Metallic Makeover

15-Minute DIY Centerpieces

A bunch of pink peonies and a few leftover coffee canisters can transform a tablescape. Here’s proof that a shot of gold (or silver or bronze) can turn everyday items into magical decor.

Floating Filler

15-Minute DIY Centerpieces

Even though balloons look oh-so-festive floating around a party scene, what would happen if they lost their helium? Just. This. Once. Filling empty glass vases with mini balloons will be a natural pick-me-up for a plain party table.

Rings Around the Posies

15-Minute DIY Centerpieces

When you’re down to the wire, you’ll be amazed by the treasures stashed in the junk drawer. Think it’s a stretch? Think again. Rubber bands can take empty containers to new whimsical heights with some strategic positioning.

By Krissy Tiglias, http://www.realsimple.com/

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