10 Fall Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

If you are looking for great fall wedding centerpieces ideas then you will want to read this article, as I will provide you with ten different fall-themed centerpieces, from type of flowers to cactuses. After reading the article, you should be able to create really impressive fall wedding centerpieces and add that wow factor to your wedding reception.

10 Fall Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

  1. The ideal flowers to choose from are: hydrangea, roses, sunflowers and mums. Combine them in your chosen wedding colors.

  2. Pumpkins. Carve the pumpkins and place candles inside. Arrange at the center of each table and surround with flower blossoms or leaves.

  3. Create a glass garden. Not the cheapest choice but definitely very effective.

  4. Autumnal leaves. Go around your garden or backyard in search of lovely burgundy, yellow and red leaves. Place inside see-through vases filled with water. The floating leaves will create vibrant wedding centerpieces.

  5. Use fresh or glazed fruit. Arrange nicely together with chestnuts and dried flowers.

  6. Thanksgiving centerpiece style. Place just the one single flower on a golden tray and surround with simple candles.

  7. Not into flowers? Use cactuses. Mix twigs, leaves and candles surrounding a nice arrangement made with small cactuses. Give away to your guests when leaving as a reminder of the day!

  8. Simple plants. Fall plants would include: ornamental cabbages, water lilies, heather, sedums, ferns and gerberas.

  9. Fall is the time for grapes. Give your wedding that Grecian look by placing grape bunches falling off the side of your chosen dish.

  10. Decorate lazy Susan’s with any of the above. Your guests will be able to turn it around and see your wedding centerpieces from every angle!

Other ideas could be copper bowls, formal floral arrangements, candy, confetti, and glitter, pine cones, ribbons, autumn roses, cornucopia, photo albums, etc. The list is endless. Just make sure to think out of the box, let your personality shine through the wedding decor. For a fall theme you should base your decorations on the autumn colors: reds, burgundy, yellow and deep orange.

Use your imagination and be creative. You do not have to have a big budget to create stunning centerpieces. Take advantage of the natural resources that are around you. One last tip: some couples go on holiday before the wedding; buy different inexpensive souvenirs and use them as part of your wedding centerpieces. They will add to a creative decor and at the same time your guests will be able to have memorabilia from your wedding and your holiday!

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