Your Wedding Reception Centerpieces

Your wedding reception is the perfect area to unleash your imagination, be as creative as you want and give life to the tables by decorating them with elements like flowers, vases and candles. You can create wedding centerpieces that are big or small, expensive or cheap, that use artificial flowers or natural ones (or even a mix!).

Your Wedding Reception Centerpieces

Even though the most popular arrangements are usually made of flowers, it is quite easy to arrange them with other elements like twigs, bamboo, bark, leaves, grass and anything that would add that “natural” touch to your wedding, as well as pebbles, sand, candy, small ornaments, mirrors, mini-cakes… anything that matches your theme.

It is essential that the centerpieces look and feel go along with the location of the venue. You would not have the same centerpiece arrangement if you are celebrating your reception in the middle of Manhattan or in a quiet villa in Spain.

As for colors, try not to mix the warm ones with the cold and always remember that green will be a difficult one to combine. You can build a lovely bouquet with all sorts of elements, for example, with other green plants but add white or pink flowers to the green to bring the wedding centerpiece to life and give it that elegant touch.

Pinks, pale blues and whites are perfect for the spring. Reds and bright oranges for a summer wedding, while burgundy and yellow are the colors to go for in the fall season. What about winter? You guessed it. Icy blues, deep greens, red and white.

The combination of flowers and fruits is very popular at the moment, and it can be really striking if done well. Berries, apples and some tropical fruit are among the favorite ones. Combine them with rich green foliage and flowers, and arrange them over beautiful vases and pots. Glass vases are ideal for adding a modern touch to your wedding reception.

A few wedding centerpieces ideas to keep in mind:

  1. Keep in mind the width and height of your centerpieces, as big ones might be really beautiful but you do not really want your guests to put them under the table so they can chat, right?

  2. The perfect combination for a stylish but elegant centerpiece is to combine white flowers in transparent or frosted vases with candles.

  3. Roses, lilies and irises give candor to your centerpiece.

  4. A good option is to combine tall centerpieces on metal bases with lower arrangements in glass vases.

  5. Use bamboo, wicker or papyrus for an oriental, modern or minimalist look.

Patri Truman gives people great advice on creating the best wedding centerpieces []. Her latest addition includes excellent tips on arranging exotic and very beautiful tropical wedding centerpieces [].

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