Winter Wedding Arrangements: Unique Centerpiece Ideas

If you want a grand wedding, have one in winter. It’s the time when all the greatest venues will be available and at a better price then you could have hoped for if you were going for a summer wedding. Most brides-to-be think that planning a winter wedding is hard but that’s because the traditional wedding resources like magazines and wedding shows often fall short on ideas. And if a magazine runs out of ideas, brides might be in for a struggle.

Winter Wedding Arrangements: Unique Centerpiece Ideas

One really easy way to manage an entire winter wedding is to pick your favorite winter holiday and use the holiday colors all through your wedding. Finding everything from decorations to a suitable menu will be extremely easy.

You might have a problem with the centerpieces for wedding tables. There aren’t a lot of flowers in season and while poinsettias might work for the aisle or the bride’s bouquet, you can’t have the same flowers everywhere. For winter weddings there are lots of crystal rentals available that you can use as centerpieces or just buy some extra ornaments.

Wedding centerpiece ideas mostly center around either ornaments or something that’s shaped like a snowflake. If you want something a bit more unique or classy, try fruit bouquets. Since people are used to festive eating in winter, a fresh fruit bouquet in a winter theme will be perfect. You get lots of colors in a fruit bouquet and if you’re going to have a fall wedding, they’re even better because the arrangements with oranges, grapes, apples and cantaloupe will work well with the fall colors.

Fresh fruit bouquets are a great wedding centerpiece idea for a winter wedding. it’s a unique way to serve fruit; fresh fruit arrangements and fruit bouquets are unique centerpieces for wedding tables that your guest will remember long after the wedding is over.

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