Wedding Reception Centerpieces

If you are planning your wedding you must not forget about the importance of a beautiful and stylish wedding reception. You can always pay someone to do it for you, that is OK but what if the colors and arrangements will not suit your needs?

Take some time with your husband and choose your own wedding reception centerpieces which will inspire you guests and show them what colors you like and what type of person your are inside.

When we talk about centerpieces this are mostly the decorations you put on tables for your guests where they usually eat. Let them have a wonderful meal with beautiful table around them which will not make them boring. The most common used centerpieces are flowers and candles which I think you should definitely use, but be careful on how you use them, which ones and how many of them, this are the most important steps you must be careful when placing your wedding reception centerpieces on tables.

Here are some tips to help you arrange your centerpieces:

  • size of the table – don’t use to many centerpieces on small table. Make it look simple and beautiful by adding maybe one or two flowers with candles on a table for four persons.
  • don’t use just flowers and candles – why? Because there are so many different centerpieces which you can buy. From different ice sculptures and castle centerpieces which are really beautiful.
  • be careful on height – don’t use to height centerpieces like candles. Use also small ones in mater of facts you can use floating candles also!
  • don’t use only centerpieces – use also different decorations like photos of the couple.

You have so many options when making your reception look perfect and wedding reception centerpieces are the main factor to help you out so be careful and take some time to arrange all that. Good luck!

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