Wedding Flowers: Best Flowers For Your Bouquets and Centerpieces

Flowers are one of the main focal points of the entire wedding ceremony and reception. So when thinking about how you want your bridal bouquet and wedding centerpieces to look, you should first do you research and consider all your floral options. If you’re low in inspirations and need some wedding flower ideas, read on. We’ve got the best list of the newest and hottest flowers being used in wedding bouquets and centerpieces today.

Anemones – These are great flowers to use for your wedding centerpieces and bouquets. Why? Because they come in a large variety of jewel tones. Perfect to match those deep rich toned bridesmaids dresses you want your girls to wear. Anemones also come in a beautiful white color with a black center. Perfect for that black tie affair.

Delphiniums – Great blooms for wedding flower centerpieces, these towering blooms stand beautifully tall. You can use them in a tall vase or take a subtle approach and lay them in a basket. Either way these flowers come in beautiful deep purple and blue tones, as well as white and lavender.

Feathers – Not really a flower, but an increasingly popular item used to accent bridal bouquets and wedding centerpieces. Just adding a few feathers will add drama without looking too overdone. Feathers come in a variety of color, but if you’re really looking to make a statement use peacock feathers.

Lemon and Lime – Another growing trend which makes a unique wedding flower arrangement is to add lemons or limes to the bottom of the centerpieces vase. You can use the whole fruit, or slice them up to create interesting patterns. Either way these accents are a great way to be creative with your floral arrangements.

Peonies – These are great spring flowers to use for bridal bouquets or wedding centerpieces. These classic flowers look great paired with almost any other type of flower. They come in a range of pink colors from pale pink and ivory to fuchsia and almost red.

Wild flowers – Many brides are seeking that ‘I just stepped out into my grandmothers garden and picked random flowers’ for my bouquets and centerpieces. Well if you’re looking for that look, then you need to choose wildflowers. Wildflowers give off that rustic, old country feel that looks great for outdoor weddings. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

Zinnias – Another great unique wedding flower are the zinnias. Great for any summer wedding, these flowers provide bright color and lots of texture. They look similar to a sunflower, but come in a wider range of colors, such as: ivory, pink, orange, yellow, green; and even mixed pink with yellow tips.

Orchids – Beautiful exotic flowers are great accents for bridal bouquets and also look wonderful placed in wedding centerpieces. These blooms have become increasingly popular with brides now-a-days and are showing up not only in bouquets, but on invitations and cakes a like. Another great thing about orchids is that they also come in a large range of colors. From purple to green, there sure to match your color scheme.

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