The Chaos of Wedding Centerpieces

As you work through your wedding planning you will eventually arrive upon the wedding reception centerpieces. These are the decorations that will stand proud on each guest table during the reception. They should be eye catching and noteworthy and must tie in with your wedding theme and/or color. They are traditionally floral arrangements which can cost a lot of money but more and more brides are going for something a little bit more unique to stand out from the crowd and often to save money.

The Chaos of Wedding Centerpieces

Most of the wedding decisions are fairly straightforward to make. Do you want to marry in a church? Yes or no. Which wedding dress do you want? Go to a bridal shop, try on a few and pick one out. Where do you want the reception to be held? Check out your local hotels, find one that is in budget and free on your date and book it. But with wedding centerpieces there are so many options. So many in fact that your mind gets more and more chaotic as you consider them all. And then when you start getting the opinions of two mothers, various bridesmaids, not to mention the groom… well settling on something everyone agrees on is impossible. The choice of centerpieces is limitless and most of them are great but all for different reasons.

Some are tall, others are short, some are fat, others thin. Some are round, some are square. Some are colourful, some are elegant. Some are made of flowers, others from candles or balloons. Some are edible, some are fun… the list is endless. And then you throw in the added complication of trying to stick to a budget. So what can you do?

Well here are a few ideas of what has created a stir at other people’s weddings.

  • Flowers – there is something romantic about flowers that makes them a top choice for centerpieces. To be that little bit more unique stay away from big arrangements, opt instead for floating flower heads in vases, two or three Gerber daisies in a vase anchored down by small pebbles, or sprinkled rose petals arranged with tea lights on mirrored tiles.
  • Candles – these are another popular choice due to the romantic vibes given off by candlelight. Play with candles of different heights and colors and use a lot so that artificial lighting is not needed.
  • Photos – make a type of collage of pictures of the bride and groom by spreading them around the room at each table. Display them in vases or on jewelry trees. Take pictures of when they were born for one table, pictures of when they started school for another, pictures of when they first started dating for another, pictures of the engagement party for another etc etc.
  • Cakes – edible centerpieces are becoming more popular. Either arrange cupcakes styled similarly to your wedding cake on a tiered cake stand or have your cake maker bake small versions of the real thing to use as centerpieces.

If you find yourself in amongst the chaos of wedding centerpiece choices, try to give yourself a time limit for making the decision. Stick to your budget and agree on the main material, eg, flowers, candles, fruit, cakes. Then just pick one – at the end of the day, they are all beautiful so you won’t be disappointed.

Chloe Alice Wilson is the founder of Wedding Centerpiece Ideas [] – a site which gives food for thought on many different types of display including tall wedding centerpieces [].

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