The 3 Most Important Criteria in Choosing Perfect Wedding Floral Centerpieces

Decorating the wedding reception tables with flowers is the finishing touch to completing a beautiful environment where lifetime memories will be made for the bride and groom. The best wedding floral centerpieces are selected according to three criteria: color; style; and budget.

The 3 Most Important Criteria in Choosing Perfect Wedding Floral Centerpieces


Select colors of flowers in the centerpieces so that they complement the entire wedding color scheme. The colors typically should blend nicely with the bridal party’s flowers. For instance if the bridal party flowers are primarily in shades of pink then the table centerpiece flowers should include focal flowers in shades of pink. If the reception is indoors, then consideration of the room decor should also be taken into account on color selection.


The style of design for the centerpieces should be chosen based upon the type of wedding and the venue for the reception. The type of wedding and the venue of the reception are typically theme based. For instance, there are formal church weddings, garden weddings, beach weddings, traditional and non-traditional and the list goes on. The style of floral centerpieces should match the theme of the wedding. Examples may include tropical flowers for a beach wedding, or roses and calla lilies for formal weddings.


Perhaps the most important criteria for choosing the best wedding centerpieces is the budget allotment for the flowers. Keep in mind that the numbers of attendees to the reception will greatly influence the cost of the flowers required for centerpieces – the more people attending requires more tables and ultimately more centerpieces. On the lowest end of the budget spectrum would be the “do-it-yourself” approach where the cost for just the flowers could be approximately $15 per table (note: there will be other unseen costs associated with this). For florist provided flower centerpieces, the budget range is large from the low end of $45 per table upwards to the high end of $250 per table or more. The cost grows exponentially for larger wedding celebrations and choices of premium flower types and designs, along with the selection of high demand floral designers. It is not unheard of to have wedding flower budgets in excess of $5,000.

The key message is to match the floral centerpieces to the type of wedding through color, style, and within the budget limitations. The easiest way to do this is by working backwards. Identifying the budget first and then working with a professional wedding florist or consultant can help immensely. There are a lot of options when it comes to selecting the right flower centerpieces for a wedding, and a professional in the floral or wedding industries can provide the necessary expertise in making the right choices.

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