Thanksgiving Centerpieces – How to Make Your Own

What comes to mind when you think thanksgiving centerpieces? Well when I think of them I think of pumpkin, pine cones, wheat, gourds. This is what makes you think of Thanksgiving. Use some of my suggestions of easy-to-follow projects to create Thanksgiving centerpieces that will last throughout the fall, if not longer.

Thanksgiving Centerpieces - How to Make Your Own

For my first Thanksgiving centerpiece you should arrange flowers, pumpkins and gourds. This lovely arrangement is going to bring together the symbols of autumn in an arrangement that will glow like a perfect fall day. You will be able to use this on your Thanksgiving table or any special occasion in the fall season.

You will need:

* 6 – 8 small gourds

* 1 cup cranberries

* shallow glass bowl

* short glass tumbler

* a handful of fall leaves

* 1 small pumpkin with top cut off to fit glass tumbler and insides scooped out

* 1 dozen flowers in complementary fall colors (mums used in this arrangement)

You need to place glass tumbler inside the top of the pumpkin. Then fill the tumbler with water. Then arrange flowers in the glass. Then place the pumpkin in a shallow dish. Place the leaves around the pumpkin in the dish. Then scatter the gourds around the pumpkin on top of the leaves. Finish it by sprinkling the cranberries on top of the gourds.

My last idea for thanksgiving centerpieces is a Fall Basket Centerpiece.

All you need to do is gather your supplies.

Gather your supplies:

* artificial berry garland

* assorted gourds

* an attractive basket

* silk leaves

Then Pile the gourds into the center of the basket. Then you can Scatter some leaves around the gourds. Wrap the garland around the basket.

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