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Coffee Tables - The Centerpiece

Coffee Tables – The Centerpiece

A coffee table is meant to be a dominant piece. Even if it’s small, it is by the nature of its positioning a prominent element in the room. It acts as the field across which all social interaction occurs. It’s the placeholder, the center, acting almost like a spine, which …

Painted Pastel Egg DIY Centerpiece

Painted Pastel Egg DIY Centerpiece

April is here and that means Easter is fast approaching! So we’re sharing a fun DIY from Knot & Pop on how to paint your eggs this year – and use them for a super pretty table centerpiece – using inspiration from those delicious little pastel colored chocolate mini eggs! …

DIY Christmas Candle Centerpiece

DIY Christmas Candle Centerpiece

I love to decorate for the holidays and I love these candle centerpieces, there are many possibilities, color combinations and sizes. This year I am into white for some reason, so I decided to give it a try and make my own candle centerpiece. You’ll be amazed at how easy …

Christmas Candy Centerpieces Made At Home

Christmas Candy Centerpieces Made At Home

Would you like to make this Christmas stand out above every other? Would you like to learn more ways of making Christmas dinner more festive and cheerful? Do your table settings lack that spirit you wish you could create for your family? It’s not as hard as you think to …

Hollywood Party Centerpieces - For A Sparkling Party

Hollywood Party Centerpieces – For A Sparkling Party

As everybody is aware of the fact that western culture has highly influenced our Indian culture. Party is the trend which we Indians have imitated from western countries. India is a developing country and so is its culture. Indians now-a-days too have started partying to put across their happiness. Theme …

Valentine's Day DIY Centerpieces

Valentine’s Day Do It Yourself Centerpieces

Putting together a V-Day soiree or romantic dinner can be effortless with these DIY projects. Sweeten up the mood of your get-together by adding tasteful centerpieces to your table. Learn how to make your own Valentine’s Day décor here. Vintage Floating Candles