Silk Flower Centerpieces – Two Simple Steps to Keep Them Beautiful

Silk flower centerpieces and other arrangements are beautiful works of art that need no water, and some people will say that even if your thumb is a color other than green you cannot kill them. This may be true, but if they are given no care they will eventually look anemic or sick. However, with just a little care – two simple steps – silk flower centerpieces can look great for years.

The first easy step toward keeping artificial arrangements beautiful is to keep them in a good location, and almost any location is good. The areas that should be avoided include the cooking area of the kitchen and any place that receives direct sunlight.

Sunlight tends to fade almost anything that receives prolonged exposure, and this includes silk flower centerpieces. The cooking area of the kitchen frequently has grease or cooking oil floating in the air. Both substances settle on everything and neither is good for artificial flowers.

The first step or rule, then, is to keep artificial flowers away from direct sunlight and cooking vapors. The exception to the rule comes when a person wants an arrangement in such a location anyway. The penalty for breaking the rule is not great. Instead of retaining their beauty for several years the arrangement may only last a year or two. Also, some people have used cooking vapors to their advantage when they felt that an arrangement had been around too long. It is not a quick strategy, but eventually it is effective.

The first step is a one-time event, but the second is ongoing. However, in most cases, this second step, keeping artificial flowers clean, is not difficult either. They need to be part of the owners regular dusting schedule, and in many cases this is all that is required.

The use of something soft like a feather duster or Swiffer is required, due to the fragile nature of silk flowers. In some cases, like a vase of flowers in the cooking area of the kitchen, a special cleaner may be necessary. One product that is available for removing dust and grease is Silk’n Splendor, and its makers even advertise that it resists dust.

Friends may suggest the use of water or cornstarch to keep artificial flowers clean, but resist the temptation to abuse your flowers in this way. Simply dust them, but do it regularly and on at least a monthly basis.

Silk flower centerpieces and other arrangements are capable of providing beauty for many years. This result is well worth the small amount of attention that silk flowers require, so everyone can be confident as they purchase an arrangement to brighten and beautify home or office.

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