Let Your Flowers Do the Talking With the Right Wedding Centerpiece Flowers

If you are looking for wedding centerpiece flower ideas, you’re in the right place. There are many choices from flowers in tall vases and low candles to potted plants and simply flower petals scattered across the table.

The centerpieces should also carry the ceremonial colors and theme. Many brides choose flowers that have a symbolic meaning or a special meaning in the language of flowers. Some like to incorporate herbs or sprigs of ivy that can be rooted and passed through to the next generation.

Let Your Flowers Do the Talking With the Right Wedding Centerpiece Flowers

Flowers are usually given often during the relationship before the wedding and the bride to be will have a favorite flower and color. Maybe she will prefer to use a certain flower that was special to her mother or grandmother.

The language of flowers has been passed down from the Victorian era where even the mere scent of a flower relayed a message. Dictionaries were written for this purpose and a favorite pass time was to make up bouquets of different flowers wrapped in a doily and tied with a ribbon. These bouquets were called a tussy- mussy. The recipient had to “decode” the secret message by the meaning of the flowers used in the bouquet.

Since there were different dictionaries with different meanings, conflicting messages were sometimes sent that could enhance or end the relationship.

In today’s standards, a card or letter can be given with the flowers to make sure the right message is relayed or it be a private thought between the bride and groom. The important consideration is that they be pleasing and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

Flowers influence the mood of the event in their natural perfume, texture and color. It is a form of aromatherapy although it is not usually thought of in those terms.

It is important to keep a color balance in the floral scheme. For example if the main flower is a warm color, the secondary flower should be a cool color Warm colors are in the yellow, orange, and red family. Cool colors are in the blue, green, purple family.

Texture in fabrics and flowers is an important consideration and should remain consistent throughout the event. Romantic silks, satins, and velvets should echo the texture of the flowers. Examples are the velvety texture of the cockscomb flowers, satin rose petals, and silky orchids.

Natural more organic themes could be linen and cotton fabrics with sea shells for a beach wedding. A tropical wedding would be beautifully done with cotton fabrics and hibiscus, anthurium, ginger flowers, or orchids.

Keep in mind that the floral choice will convey feelings and emotions and should be chosen accordingly. For example, do you want a romantic feel or a casual feel. Your personality will be reflected in your floral choice.

So much can be said with flowers. At your wedding make sure you are conveying the message you want to express through your wedding flowers. Just like the Yellow Page phone book where you “let your fingers do the walking,” in your wedding, “let your flowers do the talking.”

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