Ideas for Easy DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Weddings are an expensive affair, but don’t let yours put you in debt. With a little effort and creativity you can have a stylish wedding while staying under-budget. Do-it-yourself centerpieces are one detail that frugal brides- and grooms-to-be can save big on.

Need some inspiration? Look no further.

Books: If you enjoy the classics, start rummaging through your library. Books are a surprisingly beautiful decorative object. Find hardcover books of similar shades. The more antique looking the better. If your library is lacking, head to a used book dealer.

Place the books of varying heights and sizes in the center of the table. Use inexpensive vases to act as bookends. Fill the vases with water and a floating tea light, flowers recycled from your ceremony, or even peacock feathers. The result is a sophisticated, yet quirky centerpiece that takes minutes to assemble.

Ideas for Easy DIY Wedding Centerpieces

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Fruit: For a fresh take on DIY wedding centerpieces consider going all natural with fruit. A large, clear vase full of lemons and limes for a summer celebration or multi-colored apples for a fall celebration can be a frugal way to complement your wedding theme.

For added personalization, create small labels using card stock with a matching border and your initials in the center. You can even do a minimalist version with your own home computer and printer. Use a hot glue gun to attach the labels to a ribbon and wrap it around the vase.

Ideas for Easy DIY Wedding Centerpieces

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Mason Jars: Mason jars are a multifunctional reception dream. In addition, they are low cost. Decorate mason jars with ribbons to match your wedding’s color theme. Tie the different colors of ribbons around the center of the jar to give it a balanced look. Then add the flowers of your choice.

Buying the flowers in bulk can be a wallet-friendly way to add some flair to the table and looks especially beautiful at outdoor receptions. For an evening wedding, filling mason jars with water and placing floating candles in them gives off a romantic vibe. Tie some colored ribbon around the top of the jar and secure it into a bow. Group several jars together on each table, light the candles, and your set.

Ideas for Easy DIY Wedding Centerpieces

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Paper: Purchase several narrow vases in varying heights for each table. Print out the design of your choice on quality paper and simply glue the paper to the outside of each vase. Decorate with ribbons, rhinestones, or whatever you fancy, for added texture. Place one spider mum in each vase in the color of your choice and arrange the vases in the center of the table. The result can range from funky to classic.

DIY wedding centerpieces will cut down on wedding costs. Bring in some reinforcements by throwing a DIY party with bridesmaids and family. It’s the perfect way to bond, have fun, and cross one thing off of your to-do list. The centerpiece possibilities are endless. Brides and grooms can customize the tables, save money, and truly enjoy their day.

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