How To Make Heart Floating Candles For Valentine’s Day

Set the mood for romance with floating heart shaped red candles. Oh, so romantic. Can’t you just picture it? A beautiful glass bowl with floating red rose petals and the soft glow of red heart shaped floating candles!

There is no doubt that candles create a relaxing touch to any occasion and more especially to one of romance. Heart floating candles are the best mood makers for this special day and you can guarantee they will be great mood makers for that romantic dinner, or in fact the whole evening!

Floating candles come in amazing shapes and sizes so if red is not your color you can make these candles in any color and shape you like. Let’s face it, candle create a wonderful mood anyway, regardless of color.

Here are some tips to help you set up a romantic evening:

Spa Bath: if you have a spa bath, or even in a bath tub, set up up with beautiful floating candles and make sure that there is a beautiful fragrance in the room. You can use heart shapes to create a wonderful atmosphere by scattering some red rose petals in the water and placing some red floating candles on the water.

Dinner Table Centrepiece: take a large bowl and half fill it with water then add your rose petals and floating candles as above. Floating candles make amazing centerpieces that can totally change the mood inside your room and do wonders in creating a romantic dining experience.

Pathway: scatter some rose petals from your front door to the bedroom and have the bedroom lit with red candles. You can always use various red candles to create a wonderful relaxing romantic bedroom.

Don’t delay in getting yourself organized. Put a night aside and make those beautiful little candles and add a little fire to your love life.

Making Your Valentine’s Day Candles

To make these candles use your candle making techniques, coloring the wax red, and using heart moulds to shape the candles. If you just cannot find metal or silicone heart moulds, you could pour a slab of wax and while it is slightly soft, cut heart shapes with cookie cutters. Otherwise you could put some red candle chips into some metal heart shaped molds and place them on the bottom of your slow cooker, put the cooker on a low heat and melt your wax. When using these molds it is best to use a wax releasing agent so that the candles will come out easily.

Plan your candle making and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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