How to Make a Paper Flower Candle Centerpiece

This article will look at some ideas for how to make a paper flower candle centerpiece. In addition to providing you with a few ideas to get you started. Candle centerpieces are very attractive you just need to make sure if you are going to light the candle that you have it in a proper holder so it does not become a fire hazard.

How to Make a Paper Flower Candle Centerpiece

It is much easier than you might expect to learn how to make a paper flower candle centerpiece. Your candle will simply be an “extra” in the centerpiece a way to add a little more decoration.

There are two basic ways to make the candle centerpiece; use free flowing flowers or use a ring style centerpiece and place the candle in the center. Let us look closer at how to make both of these centerpieces.

Free Flowing Flower Candle Centerpiece

A free flowing candle centerpiece is where the paper flowers appears to be free flowing or in some cases they are free flowing. In other words you can make this type of candle centerpiece in one of two ways.

The first and easiest way is to place your candle in a holder, preferably one that is a good amount higher than the actual candle especially if you will be burning the candle. Some great candle holders include a hurricane style holder, a tall brandy glass or an enclosed tall candle holder such as a thick based candle stick with a glass cover that fits over the candle or allows the candle to sink down in the holder.

For the flowers you can arrange the crepe paper flowers around the candle. First place the candle where you would like it to sit, and then simply place the stem-less flowers around the candle holder.

Ring Style Candle Holder

The second method is to use a round or square piece of Styrofoam that has a hole cut out or you will need to cut out a hole wide enough to set the candle holder in. Then “stick” the flower stems into the Styrofoam. You will need to adjust the length of the stems, be sure not to make them as tall as the top of the candle holder for safety precautions so the flowers are safe from the flame.

Whichever candle centerpiece method you choose to use you can also add decorations to the flowers to enhance both the flowers and candle. Try sprinkling a little glitter on the flowers, clusters of berries and beads work nicely as well. A bow or a ribbon will also add a special touch to the centerpiece.

Another helpful hint is to make sure your candle matches the colors of the flowers you are using. You want the centerpiece to standout but not in a way that makes it look bad. If you have used an assortment of colored paper flowers then a white candle will also go perfectly with the flowers. If you used an assortment of pink flowers then a lighter or darker shade will match nicely. Just make sure the candle does not clash with the paper flowers. For example a brown candle will not look very good with blue or purple flowers but will look great with an assortment of red, yellow and orange flowers.

When you learn how to make a paper flower candle centerpiece it is important to learn that both the color of the crepe paper flowers and the color of the candle you choose are equally important in achieving the beautiful centerpiece you want.

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